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One of the most significant issues which people face with the LCD screen of their smart device is pressure spots. It not only deteriorates the image quality but also causes visual discomfort. Some of them try to fix the issue on their own however instead of getting the best possible solution they make the matter worse. So if you are also going through this kind of problem and looking for the best and long-lasting solution then you need to connect with the specialists who are renowned to offer quality iPhone screen repair in Brisbane.

The thing is that pressure spots on LCD screens occur when people do apply more pressure on the screen while using their devices. If you want to know about the steps to fix the pressure spot on the LCD screen then you need to go through the points that are explained in detail below.

Methods To Fix Pressure Spots On LCD Screen

    1. Heat Method: In this technique, you need to carefully apply the heat on the affected LCD screen area. You have to turn off your LCD screen. Then by using a soft cloth, you have to remove the dust and dirt from the screen. Take a hairdryer and set it to the lowest point and then you have to switch it on to apply the heat on the LCD screen. Professionals who do offer the best mobile phone repair service in North Lakes also do the same thing.


  1. Massaging Technique: This is a common and popular method to get rid of pressure spots from the LCD screen. The first thing you need to do is turn off the LCD screen. After this, with a soft cloth, you must try to wipe away dirt and dust from the screen. By gently applying pressure on the affected area of the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen in a circular motion you can be successful in getting a good result. You should keep repeating the process unless you get the desired result. You can also visit a renowned phone repair shop near me if you need a quick solution.

If you are not sure whether you can be successful in getting the best possible result by doing it on your own then it is better to take the help of professional technicians who offer the best cheap iPhone screen replacement in North Brisbane.

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