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  You won’t believe 8 tips to try now video text welcome to another eye doctor uk video in this video, I’m going to show you eight of the best tried and tested phone repair tips and tricks that you simply cannot live without I’ve, kept these tips and tricks Up my sleeve for a little while, but I genuinely think some of these will really help you so whether you’re a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner. I think you can take something away from this video and probably use it to make your life a little bit easier and your workflow a little bit more efficient, so sit back, relax and, let’s start with tip one tip number one say goodbye. So if you’ve ever tried to remove a battery that is secured down with that nasty battery, adhesive and you’ve either snapped one of the pull tabs on an iphone one or there just aren’t any pull types there like on a samsung phone you’ll, be all too familiar With them, it’s all too tempting to take some kind of prime tool and try and get underneath the battery to pop it out.

But, of course, using this technique puts the battery at risk of damage and potentially exploded. Instead, soak all around the battery with a generous glug of isopropyl alcohol and then leave it to soak for five to ten minutes once the isopropyl has done its magic. Take one of these suction cups, like the ifixit one that I’ve got here and attach it to the battery. You should be able to just pull upwards sort of like opening a book to separate the battery from the frame.

You’ll probably also find that it’s got these wrinkly sort of creases on the back of the battery wrap in there fear not just take a little squeegee tool and flatten out those ripples tip number two nine times out of ten. You don’t need to replace the air speaker on the phone if you’ve been repairing devices for a while. You will know that esp speaker mesh, especially iphone airspeaker mesh, gets gunked up really bad with either earwax makeup or sweat and any other things that I don’t really want to think about to solve this. You rarely even have to open up the phone.

Just add a couple of drops of isopropyl alcohol and play the sound that I’ve linked above me just here. The 165 hertz vibration is the perfect frequency to loosen up any blockages in that mesh. Don’t just take my word for it either.

There are literally hundreds of comments on that same video, where people have even already tried replacing the speaker before trying that technique. The results for doing this will literally blow your eardrops tip number three in the previous tip. You might have noticed me using the cleaning brush with a clean room, wipe on the end of it. This is a really good way to clean up really dusty phone chassis, gunked up logic boards, all like in the previous tip, iphone air speakers just soak the clean room wipe in either some alcohol or some cleaning solution, whatever you’re using and brush over it with either A toothbrush or other cleaning brush, you should know it’s a big difference, especially when, using this trick to clean logic boards, when they’re covered in flux, resin, dew or corrosion tip, number four tip number four, and probably one of my favorite time.

Saving tricks applies to ipad digitizers. If you’ve ever removed an ipad screen planning to reinstall. It later then touched it.

You’ll know how tricky it can be to get the inside of the glass super clean and smear 3. Everyone knows that prevention is better than the cure. So take some of this very low tax cellophane tape and cover the inside of the digitizer in it from the minute that you’ve first remove it to prevent dust or smears getting onto the inside of the glass tip number five, whilst we’re on the subject of ipads. If you’ve ever worked with them before, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when the corners of them become dented and bent.

There are small grinding pens available for this, but my favorite tool that packs a lot more power. Is this dremel with pen type attachment and small grinding disc attached? I usually work slowly grinding a small bit away at a time. You’ll also notice that this 10 mil diameter disc, is pretty much the perfect size for the job once you’ve ground a bit away line up your glass and if it fits happy days, if not go over the corner again until it does fit, then finally make sure You take off any burrs left behind with a miniature file. You’ll never get it perfect again, but I guarantee that your customers will be much more grateful for some light.

Abrasion marks on the edges, rather than a badly fitted digitizer, that’s going to break very, very easily again tip number six if you’re working on a device that you’ve never worked on before and you’re worried about misplacing screws or other parts that you took out of the Phone already get yourself one of these magnetic whiteboard masks. You can mark up and label any screws, as you remove them to help you when it comes to putting stuff back together, another useful tool that I’ve found when disassembling unfamiliar devices or, if you can’t figure out where one screw goes, it’s head to ifixitcom and search For the model of the phone that you’re, taking apart, followed by the word, tear down their site has loads of high quality images of devices taken apart already that you can use for reference when disassembling or reassembling a device tip number seven. This tip is a bit more gimmicky than the other tips that I’ve given you here, but it literally got millions and millions of views on both our tick tock and on our facebook page. So I thought it’d be best to share it with you as well.

Going back to the first tip talking about removing batteries, you can really speed up the process by using one of these electric screwdrivers to wind. The adhesive easily out of there simply pull a small amount of the pull tab and then stick it to the end of your electric screwdriver and just press. Go it’ll, pull it out real nice and easy, and it just works tip number eight foreign guys.

I’m sorry! I’ve tricked you, they weren’t, actually, eight tips, I’ve run out of ideas and my notes only went up to the ones what I’ve done before, but I thought, if I say hey, it makes it a nice even number, rather than a seven, so tip number eight is Just to like subscribe and hit the notification icon so that you can get updates the next time that I post. Thank you everybody for watching and I’ll see you next time, foreign “

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