In an audacious experiment, I decided to transform a broken iPhone XR into a convincing fake iPhone 15 Pro using a $25 mod kit from Fence Create. This mod kit promised to not only mimic the latest iPhone’s design but also incorporate features like the action button and a flat display, which the XR lacks due to its curved screen. Here’s how the transformation unfolded.

Unboxing the Mod Kit

The kit arrived with a back cover that closely resembled the iPhone 15 Pro, complete with faux titanium sides and an action button. However, the color was slightly off, and upon closer inspection, it was clear that some of the advertised features, like the triple camera system, were just clever illusions. The real XR camera was repositioned, and dummy lenses were added to create the appearance of a high-end camera array.

The kit also included a flat screen to replace the XR’s curved display, aiming to mimic the seamless design of the latest iPhones. The new display retained the classic notch but promised a flush fit with the new housing, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Preparing the iPhone XR

Before starting the transformation, I needed to open the broken iPhone XR. The screws were stripped, but using a trick with a prying tool called Jimmy, I managed to open the phone without removing the screws. Inside, the phone was relatively clean and well-maintained, despite the replaced screen and seals.

I began by removing the battery. Applying some alcohol to soften the adhesive made the removal process smoother. Once the battery was out, I carefully removed the logic board, front cameras, back camera, and various connectors and screws.

Transferring Components to the New Housing

With all components extracted, it was time to transfer them to the new housing. This process included repositioning the wireless charging coil, which was tricky due to its flexibility and the risk of damage. After heating the back of the phone to ease the adhesive, I managed to transfer the coil successfully.

Next, I moved the charging port assembly. This was the most challenging part due to its complexity and the number of screws involved. After some meticulous work, I installed the charging port, loudspeaker, and taptic engine into the new housing.

Reassembling the Phone

With all components in place, I began reassembling the phone. I installed the new flat screen, ensuring it fit perfectly with the modified housing. The action button, a standout feature of the mod, was integrated seamlessly, though it retained the original mute and unmute functions.

Finally, I connected the battery, which proved awkward due to the new setup involving the flash. After several attempts, I managed to secure it properly.

Testing the Fake iPhone 15 Pro

With the transformation complete, it was time to test the device. I powered it on, and to my relief, the Apple logo appeared. The flat screen, though different, looked surprisingly convincing. I checked the functionality of the flash and tested the microphone, which had been relocated behind one of the fake camera lenses. Despite some potential for muffled audio, the microphone worked adequately.


The $25 mod kit successfully transformed the broken iPhone XR into a convincing fake iPhone 15 Pro, complete with real iOS. While there were some practical drawbacks, like the potential for muffled audio and the presence of only one functional camera, the visual transformation was impressive.

This experiment showcased how accessible and effective cosmetic modifications can be, though it also highlighted the importance of being cautious about potential scams. As a reminder, this mod was purely for entertainment and educational purposes, and I do not condone using such modifications to deceive others.

This journey into the world of fake tech was a fun and enlightening experience, revealing both the potential and the pitfalls of aftermarket modifications.

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