The Ultimate Guide to iPad Pro 12.9 Repair at Gadget Kings


In the bustling workshop of Gadget Kings, a leading electronics repair service, a pressing challenge awaited. An iPad Pro 12.9-inch first generation lay on the workbench, brought in by a frantic customer who had attempted a screen replacement. In his haste, he had damaged the FPC connector and was unsure of what else might be wrong with the device. He had paid for expedited service, demanding a same-day fix.

The Inspection Process

Ali, the skilled technician on duty, inspected the iPad closely. “Let’s take a look,” he muttered to himself, noting the burn marks on the board. “We see a burn mark here and here, so most likely the backlight is gone.” Further inspection revealed more damage. “Touch is gone,” he sighed, “so we have a problem with the touch, backlight, and the FPC connector.”

Ali tested the filters, identifying the issues swiftly. “This filter is testing good, but this one is blown, and the touch filter is blown too.” He recalled a query from a previous video about the necessity of applying flux before desoldering. “It’s not needed,” he mused. “Flux just makes solder flow better, but we can do it without.”

The Repair Process

Removing the Damaged Connector

With precision, Ali set to work, carefully removing the damaged connector, which he affectionately referred to as the “snakeway” due to its twisting removal path. “I should write a book on the proverbs I use,” he chuckled. Using hot tweezers, he removed the blown filter with a swift motion. “Very nice,” he nodded, satisfied with his progress.

Replacing the Touch Filter

Ali moved on to the touch filter, soldering a new one in place. “Every single video, people ask what type of braid and flux I use,” he remarked, directing viewers to Gadget Kings’ website, where they sold all the necessary tools and components. “I just added some flux onto the tweezers to easily grab this component.”

Ensuring a Complete Circuit

With the new filter in place, Ali faced the challenge of running a jumper wire from one end to the other, ensuring a complete circuit. “When the component blew, it ripped off part of the pad,” he explained. Despite the obstacles, he persisted, connecting the circuit meticulously.

Customer Interactions

As he worked, a colleague mentioned a customer named Mildred, who was in a hurry but needed data recovery services. Ali’s focus remained on the task at hand. “Some people in the comments will say this doesn’t look pretty,” he noted, “but as long as it’s making a connection, the job is done.”

Testing the Repair

With the FPC connector soldered back on, Ali prepared to test the tablet. He connected the screen and monitored the amp meter. “I see a battery logo on the screen,” he exclaimed, relieved. The tablet was drawing a perfect 0.98 amps, indicating that the initial repair was successful. “We need to charge the tablet for a bit to ensure there are no backlight or touch issues.”

After an hour of charging, Ali tested the screen again. “The customer’s screen is not holding in place,” he observed. Switching to a known good screen from their stock, he confirmed the issue lay with the customer’s screen, not the tablet. However, the touch functionality still wasn’t working.

Ali checked the touch filter and components, finding everything in order. “No touch could be caused by a few things,” he pondered. “We could have a faulty FPC connector or a blown filter.” Comparing readings with another working tablet, he discovered a discrepancy. “This component is reading 330 ohms; it should be 0.”

Final Adjustments

He decided to replace the suspicious filter. “This one looks like a size 201 filter,” he noted, soldering a new one in place. Testing it confirmed the replacement was successful. “Hopefully, that’s what’s causing the no-touch issue.”

The Moment of Truth

As the evening wore on, Ali felt the weight of the day’s work. “It’s 6:10 right now, and I’m not going to be doing any more work on this tonight,” he admitted. But as he connected the iPad to test it one last time, the screen lit up. “Moment of truth,” he whispered, pressing the power button. “Yes! Touch is working!” He celebrated the success, relieved and satisfied.


“Great, I’m really happy that this tablet is working,” Ali concluded, addressing his viewers. “I hope you enjoyed the video. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, leave a comment if you have any questions, and we’ll do something else in the next video.”

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