The Monstrosity of 100 Chargers: A Tale of Tech Enthusiasm

In a dimly lit garage, cluttered with wires and gadgets, a tech enthusiast named Mark prepared for his latest experiment. “What is up, guys? TechRax here!” he exclaimed, setting up his camera. He had a vision, a mission to explore the boundaries of charging technology. “Last time we had 10 chargers go inside an iPhone. This time, we’re stepping it up a notch to 100.”

Mark laid out his tools meticulously. Before him, a hundred charging cubes and cables formed an intricate array, a technological tapestry ready to be woven. The sight was surreal, almost beautiful. “Check this out,” he said, panning his camera over the setup. “We have a hundred cubes, a hundred chargers, all lined up here. Really beautiful.”

He knew this was no ordinary project. The task was daunting, but his determination was unwavering. Each charger was a piece of a grand puzzle. “We’re going to plug it into a single iPhone. This is a massive upgrade right here.” He began the painstaking process of soldering the cables together, transforming individual pieces into a singular, monstrous entity. “Look at all these cables, all these chargers, guys. This is what we have done so far.”

Hours turned into a blur as Mark soldered, connected, and tested. The garage was filled with the smell of burnt solder and the hum of anticipation. “We’re slowly soldering some of these cables together, guys, trying to make this into one big piece,” he narrated. The process was laborious, but every connection brought him closer to his goal. “Process has been initiated.”

Mark held up the mega charger, a hundred cables intertwined in a chaotic harmony. “A quick comparison as I’m holding this mega charger, guys. A hundred cables. Look at just what’s going on here. We’ve got black, red, I mean all coming in together in this beautiful work of art. Final product right here, guys. It’s beautiful, easy to grab, easy to just plug in.”

The final touch was four switches, each connected to different outlets, ready to power the monstrosity. “Check it out. All of it just wrapped around, and we’ve got the four switches to power all of them on.” He looked at his two subjects for the experiment, two iPhone 6s. “I’ve got two iPhone 6s, and we’re going to be testing them.”

Mark explained his choice of devices. “Last time I used a newer iPhone XRs. This time we’re using two older iPhone 6s to give you guys a little perspective. For battery health, this one has 84%, and I’m going to turn off the optimized battery charging.” He turned his attention to the second phone. “This iPhone 6s has a battery health of 85%, so it should have maybe a little bit more of an advantage, but basically identical. Also turning off optimized battery charging.”

With both phones prepped, Mark was ready. “Now, guys, we’re going to wait until both of these phones drop down to zero and completely die. Once that happens, I’m going to plug 100 chargers into this 6s and then one single brick into this 6s on the right.”

The phones died as expected, and the moment of truth arrived. “Both 6s are fully dead, so let’s go ahead and begin charging.” He flipped the four switches for the 100 chargers. “First thing I’m going to do, guys, is put on all these switches. This is for all the 100 chargers. Four switches are on.”

He plugged in the lone charger for the second iPhone. “We got one cube right here. This is gonna go for the iPhone 6s to the right of me. I’m gonna plug this one in.” The anticipation was palpable. “And now, right away, I’m going to plug in this bad boy,” he said, referring to the mega charger. “Boom, it is in, and we got the Apple logo already.”

He placed both phones side by side. “Looks like that one is still charging. No Apple logo. Apple logo on this one.” The excitement grew. “This is the moment of truth, guys, so let’s go ahead and just see what starts happening here.”

The first iPhone with 100 chargers booted up almost instantly. “Phone is on already, three percent. I’m going to go straight into airplane mode, full brightness, leave Bluetooth on. We have five percent.” The second iPhone lagged behind. “The second iPhone 6s, okay, there we go. Now we got the Apple logo. Took its sweet time, maybe two minutes.”

The race was on. “Let’s see what percentage it’s going to be showing. Two percent. Seven percent with that one already, two percent here. This one is definitely going a lot slower. We’re going to also put this one into airplane mode, full brightness, and the race has officially begun.”

Minutes turned into updates. “Update, guys, we got 14% and 7%, so about basically twice as fast at the moment.” The mega charger’s lead was evident. “Looks like the 100 chargers, guys, wins the 50% mark first with the second iPhone still at 39%.”

Despite the monstrous power of 100 chargers, the difference was surprisingly minimal. “As we close down to 100%, you could tell that the difference of this experiment is very, very minimal. We have 97% with 100 chargers, 93% with one charger. Honestly, guys, I did not know what to expect. It maintained a 10% difference most of the time.”

The experiment concluded with a lesson learned. “We hit 98% here with 100 chargers. That wraps it up. We’re going to go ahead and shut all these off.” Mark switched off the power, unplugged the mega charger, and reflected. “Definitely not worth it, guys. Don’t go ahead and try making 100 homemade chargers, but I hope you guys enjoyed that video.”

As he signed off, Mark reminded his viewers to stay tuned for more crazy experiments. “Thanks for watching. As always, stay tuned for more videos, and I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Peace out.” With a satisfied smile, he turned off the camera, another experiment completed, another boundary pushed.

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