The Cybertruck’s Ultimate Water Challenge: A Journey Through the Depths


Mark, also known as TechRax, was known for pushing the limits of technology. Today, he stood next to his latest conquest: the Tesla Cybertruck. Its futuristic design gleamed under the cloudy sky, and Mark was about to test its mettle against nature’s watery obstacles. “What is up, guys? TechRax here! In this video, we have a Cybertruck, and we are going to be testing it out against a big puddle of water,” he announced, his voice brimming with excitement.

Mark pointed to the large puddle in front of them. “You guys probably didn’t see, but there’s a car that tried to cross it and started reversing. It went back maybe a foot. I don’t think it’s that deep, to be honest, but we are going to find out,” he said, setting the stage for the experiment.

He circled the Cybertruck, showing off its impressive height. “I’ll show you guys the side view. That thing looks crazy high when it’s at the most elevated level, so I think it should be no problem. It says that in Wade mode, you can actually drive up to here, like up to this level right here. That’s crazy!”

Mark climbed into the driver’s seat, eager to put the Cybertruck through its paces. “If you go to Dynamics and then to off-road, confirm, it’s actually elevating right now,” he explained. “There are three settings: high, medium, and low, and then there’s very high. To enable very high, you have to go to Wade mode right here. It raises the ride height and pressurizes the battery when driving through shallow water. It may take up to 10 minutes to activate and has a time limit of 30 minutes.”

He tapped the screen to activate Wade mode. “Let’s activate it. Alright, guys, off-road Wade mode has been enabled for 10 minutes. Let’s give it a shot and see what happens.” With a deep breath, Mark put the Cybertruck into drive. “This is it, guys. Let’s see what happens.”

The Cybertruck rolled forward, its tires slicing through the water. “Oh snap! Oh my goodness, bro, I can’t even see what is going on,” Mark exclaimed, struggling to navigate. “Bro, where am I going? Bro, I can’t see! Oh snap! Oh my goodness, bro, I was literally going way too fast.”

Despite the initial chaos, the Cybertruck handled the water with ease. “Wow, that is taking it with ease, though. Driving maybe 10 mph, wow, it’s built like a tank. This is nothing, guys, literally nothing,” Mark marveled.

He drove through the puddle, the Cybertruck’s powerful build showing no signs of strain. “Look at that! Wow!” he exclaimed, as the truck emerged unscathed from the first puddle. “Puddle number two now. This one is much deeper. And of course, as soon as I start recording, it starts raining again.”

The rain added an extra layer of challenge, but Mark pressed on. “Okay, still really nothing. Literally going through like a tank. Wow, that is crazy. Sheesh! Easy money,” he commented, impressed by the Cybertruck’s performance.

The next obstacle loomed ahead, deeper and more daunting than the last. “Puddle number three, guys. This part is super deep. Barely made it here, so we got Wade mode enabled. Everything is ready to go. Let’s get it going,” Mark said, a hint of nerves in his voice.

He accelerated, determined to push the Cybertruck to its limits. “We are starting to accelerate. We’re going to go a bit faster this time. Oh my goodness, guys. That is crazy! Oh my goodness, bro, that is insane. Bro, that is way too deep. That is way too deep. You got to get out of there, bro!” Mark’s voice was a mix of excitement and concern as the Cybertruck powered through the deep water.

“Wow, look at that thing. It’s a beast. Oh my goodness. Going through the ocean, made it, literally made it. That’s crazy. Wow, what a beast!” he exclaimed, as the Cybertruck emerged victorious once again.

After the intense test, Mark inspected the Cybertruck for any damage. “Okay, guys, the front was making a little bit of a rattling sound. You could see the little fender piece was in the way, but we popped it back in. Shouldn’t be a biggie. Obviously, this was like an extreme flood test. Besides that and the little piece here in the back, that seems like the only issue so far.”

He pointed to a small plastic piece that had snapped out. “Right here, there’s this little plastic piece that just kind of snapped out, but I think we’re good to go. The Cybertruck survived.”

A few hours later, Mark discovered a minor issue. “Now, one quick thing I wanted to show you guys. It’s been a few hours since that water test. When I press these buttons, they don’t seem to want to work. None of the three buttons. There’s a button for the tailgate to open, one for the cover to open, and one for it to close. Now, if I go through the phone, it does work, so that’s good news.”

He demonstrated using his phone to control the Cybertruck. “If I use the phone to open up the tailgate, that opens up. And if I press the close, yeah, even the close button, it actually was working earlier. The close button, none of the buttons work, so that’s a little bit of a bummer.”

Overall, Mark was pleased with the Cybertruck’s performance. “Overall, guys, everything seems to be fairly normal. I do hear some water swishing around there. I’m guessing it’ll kind of, you know, get out of there wherever it’s at. But overall, the frunk was pretty dry. The trunk was pretty dry.”

Mark signed off, satisfied with the day’s experiment. “Hope you guys enjoyed that video. Thanks for watching. I’ll catch you guys in the next one. Peace out.”

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