Teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S20+: In the Shadow of the Ultra

We just finished tearing down Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, but we couldn’t help but wonder: what’s inside the not-so-ultra S20 phones? Today, we’ve got the S20+ on our teardown table and we’re ready to take a look. Many of the specs are similar, down to the giant camera bump on the backside of the phone. However, instead of that questionably-useful 100x zoom camera from the S20 Ultra, we get a more modest 3x telephoto camera with super resolution zoom up to 30x.

Getting Inside the S20+

If there’s one thing we know by now, it’s how to get inside a Samsung phone. Our heat gun loosens up the adhesive holding down the back cover, and after some slicing with our opening picks, we are able to get our first look inside. In a shocking twist of events that no one saw coming, we’re met by a midframe antenna assembly and a wireless charging pad!

We prep the wireless charging pad for removal, then take out the Phillips screws holding the metal shield and the upper antenna in place. Once the screws are out of the way, we can disconnect the wireless charging pad, and all the pieces come out together. Then the lower speaker/antenna frame comes free after some more Phillips screws, some of them a little stubborn, like the ones we found in the S20 Ultra.

The Display Dilemma

Up next, the display! We’ve long criticized Samsung phones for their display-last construction. Adhering the fragile OLED panel directly to the frame of the device without support means it will almost always be destroyed upon removal, which ruins the display—even if the glass is already broken. Add to that the fact that replacement displays often crack or come loose unless the frame is perfectly clean for the re-installation, and it’s easy to see why we prefer to remove iPhone displays!

Exploring the Internals

Next, we get to the motherboard and the star of the collective S20 show: the cameras! All three S20 phones have one thing in common: they each use some of Samsung’s own image sensors along with the popular Sony sensors that most smartphone manufacturers have been using. The S20+ sports a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, a 12 MP standard wide camera, and a 64 MP telephoto camera. The fourth sensor here is a time-of-flight camera that gathers depth data for selective focus mode and augmented reality (AR).

We disconnect the cables running to the little USB-C board at the bottom of the phone, and after removing a few screws, we give it some prying action and it jumps free.

The Battery Battle

Alright, the time has come to fight this 17.37-watt-hour battery! We douse it with isopropyl alcohol to weaken the adhesive underneath, then wait a couple of minutes for it to soak in. Then we attach our heavy-duty suction cup and, with some help from extra hands, we’re able to wrestle it free. Look at all that adhesive, though—Samsung, don’t you think that’s a bit much?

Conclusions from the Teardown

As we conclude this teardown, we’ve learned that the S20+’s similarities to the Ultra are not limited to their outer appearances! The Samsung Galaxy S20+ earns a 3 out of 10 on our repairability scale, earning a few points for its use of standard Phillips screws and its semi-modular construction. That said, its poorly prioritized screen repair procedure and the firmly-adhered rear cover and battery keep it from being a more repairable smartphone.

Professional Repair Services

If you find these steps daunting or lack the necessary tools, consider getting your phone repaired by professionals. Gadget Kings offers expert repair services for all types of phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S20+. They provide high-quality repairs and ensure your phone is restored to its optimal condition. Visit their website at Gadget Kings to learn more about their services.

Detailed Teardown Process

Now, let’s dive deeper into each step of the teardown process.

Back Cover Removal

The first step is always the hardest, and that’s especially true when dealing with Samsung’s adhesive-heavy design. We used a heat gun to soften the adhesive securing the back cover. This step requires patience and precision, as too much heat can damage the internal components. Once the adhesive is softened, we used opening picks to carefully slice through the remaining adhesive, finally prying the back cover off.

Removing the Wireless Charging Pad and Antennas

With the back cover removed, the next step was to deal with the wireless charging pad and antenna assemblies. These components are held in place by Phillips screws, which is a relief compared to proprietary screws found in other devices. After removing the screws, we disconnected the wireless charging pad and the midframe antenna assembly. This step reveals more of the phone’s internals, giving us access to the motherboard and battery.

Display and Screen Challenges

Removing the display from the S20+ was a delicate process. Samsung’s choice to adhere the OLED panel directly to the frame complicates repairs. We used a combination of heat and isopropyl alcohol to loosen the adhesive, but the risk of damaging the display is high. This design choice significantly reduces the repairability score of the phone, as it makes screen replacements particularly challenging.

Examining the Motherboard and Cameras

Once we accessed the motherboard, we could see the impressive array of cameras. The S20+ features a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, a 12 MP standard wide camera, and a 64 MP telephoto camera, along with a time-of-flight sensor. These components are secured with connectors and a few screws, making them relatively straightforward to remove. The modular nature of these parts is a positive aspect, as it allows for easier replacement if one of the cameras fails.

USB-C Board and Lower Components

The USB-C charging board and other lower components were next on the list. After disconnecting the relevant cables and removing a few more screws, the USB-C board came free with some gentle prying. This component is essential for charging and data transfer, so ensuring it is intact and undamaged is crucial.

Tackling the Battery

The battery removal process is always a bit nerve-wracking. Samsung uses a strong adhesive to keep the battery in place, which we weakened using isopropyl alcohol. After letting it soak in, we used a heavy-duty suction cup to pull the battery free. This step requires caution, as excessive force can damage the battery or other internal components.

Final Thoughts

The teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ reveals a device that shares many similarities with its Ultra counterpart, but also has its unique challenges. The high level of adhesive used and the display-last construction are significant drawbacks for repairability. However, the use of standard screws and modular components like the cameras and USB-C board are positive aspects.

For those who prefer to leave repairs to the experts, Gadget Kings offers professional phone repair services. They have the tools and expertise to handle even the most challenging repairs, ensuring your phone is returned to you in optimal condition. Check out their services at Gadget Kings.


This teardown provided valuable insights into the design and repairability of the Samsung Galaxy S20+. While it shares many components with the S20 Ultra, the differences in camera capabilities and internal layout are noteworthy. The repairability challenges posed by Samsung’s design choices highlight the importance of professional repair services for those who may not have the tools or expertise to tackle such a project themselves.

If you enjoyed this teardown and want to see more, be sure to check out our full Galaxy S20 Ultra teardown and subscribe to our channel. We regularly post new teardown videos, offering a detailed look at the latest smartphones and gadgets. Thank you for watching, and we’ll catch you in the next video!



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