Samsung S24 Ultra vs. iPhone 15 Pro Max: Camera Battle

This is the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. This is the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Today, we’re pitting these two flagship phones against each other in a camera battle to see which one reigns supreme. Last year, the iPhone 15 Pro Max edged out the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with a score of 6.5 to 3.5. Let’s see if Samsung’s 2024 flagship, powered by advanced AI, can claim redemption.

**Slow Motion and Special Modes:**

Samsung’s S24 Ultra steps up the game with 4K slow-motion at 120 frames per second, a feature long-awaited by enthusiasts. This true 4K slow-mo with no strings attached allows for breathtaking details, especially noticeable on larger screens. Combined with the ability to slow down any video instantly by holding down on it, Samsung reclaims its title as the slow-mo king. In the category of special modes, which includes portrait video and macro shots, Samsung edges out the iPhone due to its crisper macro shots and the versatile editing options in its camera app.


Samsung continues to outshine with its selfie capabilities. While the iPhone is consistently good, Samsung’s best shots are notably better, often rivaling rear camera quality. However, the iPhone maintains sharper details in some scenarios, such as when capturing multiple faces. Nonetheless, for most users, Samsung’s selfies are more impressive and visually appealing.

**Video Quality and Noise Reduction:**

Samsung has made strides in noise reduction, a crucial area where previous models lagged. The S24 Ultra delivers crisper faces and less noise in videos, though the issue isn’t fully resolved. Dark areas still suffer from noise, especially during movement. While Samsung’s front camera video can sometimes look more realistic, the iPhone continues to lead in dynamic range and overall noise control, making it the preferred choice for vlogging and video content creation.

**Camera App and User Experience:**

One of the biggest improvements in the S24 Ultra is its camera app. The updated design is more user-friendly, with smoother navigation and easier access to various modes. You can now change photo resolution with a tap and manage video properties more intuitively. Samsung also offers extensive customization, allowing users to set default camera modes and personalize functions like burst fire photos and GIF creation. The iPhone’s simplicity is commendable, but Samsung’s flexibility and advanced options give it an edge.

**Editing Features:**

Samsung’s editing suite, enhanced by AI, significantly surpasses Apple’s. Features like background effects, photo remastering, and reflection erasure are impressive and user-friendly. Samsung’s new generative AI image editor allows for powerful photo adjustments, such as moving subjects and erasing unwanted elements, though it requires an internet connection. While Apple’s editing tools are fast and efficient, they lack the depth and innovation seen in Samsung’s suite, particularly in leveraging AI for post-processing.

**Zoom Capabilities:**

Zoom has been a stronghold for Samsung, but the S24 Ultra sees a surprising change. The shift from a 10x zoom lens to a 5x lens, despite being higher resolution, results in slightly reduced long-distance zoom capability compared to the S23 Ultra. When tested against the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the iPhone often captures more detail, even without going beyond 25x zoom. Samsung’s aggressive software processing sometimes leads to overly sharpened or artificial-looking results. However, Samsung’s zoom consistency, aided by the extra 3x lens, maintains high-quality images across various magnifications.

**Portrait Mode:**

The S24 Ultra excels in portrait mode, offering both 3x and 5x zoom options, giving users flexibility in framing shots. The iPhone’s fixed 5x zoom can be cumbersome in close quarters, whereas Samsung’s dual options cater to different shooting scenarios. Samsung’s portraits feature excellent edge detection and natural background blur, making it a standout for portrait photography.

**Audio Quality:**

Both phones deliver excellent audio quality, with sensitive microphones that capture clear sound even in challenging environments. However, in noisy settings, Samsung’s aggressive noise cancellation can cut into the vocal clarity, whereas the iPhone balances background noise and vocal clarity more effectively.

**Final Verdict:**

In our comprehensive comparison, Samsung’s S24 Ultra scores 6.5 points to the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 4.5. Samsung has made significant improvements, particularly in user experience and editing features, but the iPhone remains strong in video quality and zoom performance. Despite Samsung’s advancements, the iPhone’s consistency and reliability keep it a formidable contender.

And now, as promised, the losing phone faces the ultimate test – getting shot by a tank. With bated breath, we fire a 100 mph explosive paint grenade at the iPhone. Remarkably, it survives unscathed, proving that Apple’s durability matches its performance.

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