Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6: All Colors, All Features, All You Need to Know

Welcome to our in-depth comparison of Samsung’s latest foldable smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6. We’ve got both devices in all available colors, along with a plethora of accessories to enhance your experience. This review will cover everything from design and display to performance and camera capabilities, giving you a comprehensive look at what these innovative phones have to offer. Plus, we’ll introduce you to Gadget Kings PRS, your best bet for phone repairs in Australia, and explain why they should be your go-to service center.

First Impressions and Design

Galaxy Z Fold 6: A Tablet in Your Pocket

The Galaxy Z Fold 6 continues Samsung’s tradition of refining its foldable lineup. With flatter edges and a lighter build, the Fold 6 feels more like a traditional smartphone than its predecessors. When folded, it mimics the feel of a standard device like the Galaxy S24 Ultra, with a more refined and less noticeable inner ridge. The hinge area is slimmer, giving the whole package a sleek, finished look.

When you unfold the Fold 6, you’re greeted with a large internal display, perfect for media consumption and productivity tasks. The hidden camera in the corner maintains a seamless display experience. The Fold 6 packs the latest Snapdragon processor, ensuring top-notch performance for all your needs.

Galaxy Z Flip 6: Compact and Stylish

On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 offers more color options, including a stunning mint shade. If you prefer a pink variant, you’ll find it in the Fold lineup. The Flip 6 is incredibly portable and sleek, making it ideal for those who value portability and versatility. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on functionality, offering a unique folding capability that makes it stand out.

Both devices feature a triple-camera setup with ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto lenses, and high-quality front-facing cameras. The Flip 6’s design makes it perfect for taking phone calls and using one-handed, thanks to its thin, folded state. However, the aspect ratio might feel a bit strange for video watching.

Camera Capabilities

Versatile Photography

Both the Fold 6 and Flip 6 are equipped with impressive camera systems. The Fold 6 includes a triple-camera setup with ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto lenses, along with a high-quality external cover camera and an internal under-display camera for video conferencing. The Flip 6, while slightly more limited in its camera options, still offers excellent photo and video capabilities.

The Fold 6’s under-display camera, although not as high-quality as the external one, is perfect for video calls and other tasks where a front-facing camera is needed. The external cover camera on both devices provides superior image quality, with options for wider shots to fit more into the frame.

Creative Versatility

The Flip 6 shines with its unique ability to act as its own tripod, thanks to its folding design. This makes it incredibly useful for content creators and those who love taking selfies. The built-in AI features help with framing and capturing the perfect shot, even without a cameraman.

Display and Performance

Galaxy Z Fold 6: Ultimate Media Consumption

The Fold 6 is designed for those who love media consumption. Its large internal display offers a tablet-like experience, perfect for watching videos and browsing the web. The display is incredibly bright and crisp, making every visual experience a pleasure. With stereo speakers and a larger battery, the Fold 6 ensures that you have a top-tier media consumption device in your pocket.

Galaxy Z Flip 6: Sleek and Efficient

While the Flip 6 might not match the Fold 6 in terms of display size, it offers a compact and efficient design that’s perfect for everyday use. Its smaller form factor makes it easy to carry around, and the external display is great for quick tasks and notifications. The internal display is bright and vibrant, making it a joy to use for browsing and other tasks.

Specs and Features


Both the Fold 6 and Flip 6 are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, ensuring smooth performance across all tasks. They come with various storage options, with the Fold 6 offering up to 1TB and both devices featuring 12GB of RAM. The battery life is solid on both devices, with the Fold 6 having a slightly larger battery to accommodate its bigger display.


The Fold 6 and Flip 6 support 25W super-fast charging and wireless charging. The Fold 6 offers 15W wireless charging, while the Flip 6 has 10W wireless charging. Both devices also support wireless power sharing, allowing you to charge other devices using your phone.


The main display on the Flip 6 measures 6.7 inches, while the Fold 6 boasts a 7.6-inch display. Both displays feature a variable refresh rate from 1 to 120Hz, ensuring smooth visuals. The Fold 6 offers a higher resolution on its main display, making it ideal for media consumption. The cover display on the Fold 6 is significantly larger than that on the Flip 6, providing a more smartphone-like experience even when folded.

Accessories and Customization

First-Party Accessories

Samsung offers a range of first-party accessories for both devices, including silicone cases available in multiple colors. These cases are designed to provide protection without adding too much bulk, maintaining the sleek design of the phones.

Latercase Options

For those who prefer minimalistic protection, Latercase offers some of the thinnest and most stylish cases available. These cases are made from premium Kevlar material, providing a satisfying texture and grip. They are designed to protect your device without adding unnecessary bulk, making them perfect for both the Fold 6 and Flip 6.

User Experience and Daily Use

Productivity and Versatility

The Fold 6 excels in productivity tasks, with its large internal display making it ideal for multitasking and web browsing. The split keyboard design is reminiscent of the Blackberry days, offering a satisfying typing experience. The Fold 6’s design encourages productivity, making it a great choice for those who use their phones for work.

Portability and Convenience

The Flip 6, on the other hand, is all about portability and convenience. Its compact design makes it easy to carry around, and the unique folding capability adds a touch of creativity to everyday tasks. The external display is perfect for quick tasks and notifications, and the phone’s overall design makes it a joy to use one-handed.

Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

Galaxy Z Fold 6

Choose the Galaxy Z Fold 6 if you prioritize media consumption, productivity, and a larger display. Its impressive specs, large battery, and versatile camera system make it a powerhouse device for those who want the best of everything.

Galaxy Z Flip 6

Opt for the Galaxy Z Flip 6 if you value portability, sleek design, and creative versatility. Its compact form factor, stylish color options, and unique folding capability make it perfect for those who want a phone that stands out.

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