Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G Disassembly Teardown Repair Video Review

In this detailed guide, we’ll walk you through the disassembly process of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. This tutorial is designed to help you understand the internal components of the phone, and provide you with the knowledge needed to perform repairs.

Step 1: Removing the SIM Tray

To begin the disassembly, start by removing the SIM tray. This is a straightforward step that involves using a SIM ejector tool to release the tray from the phone.

Step 2: Heating the Back Plate

Next, you’ll need to heat the back plate to loosen the adhesive underneath. You can use a hair dryer or a heat gun for this step. Once the adhesive is sufficiently heated, use a plastic pry tool to gently pry off the back plate. Note that the back plate is plastic, which makes it easier to remove compared to glass.

Step 3: Exposing the Internal Components

With the back plate removed, you’ll see the wireless charging coil, graphite film for heat transfer, and various screws. There are 16 Phillips screws that need to be removed. Once these screws are out, you can peel off the wireless charging pad and remove the top cover, revealing more internal components.

Step 4: Disconnecting Cables and Removing the Main Board

You’ll now need to disconnect the battery cable, followed by the other cables connected to the main board. There are three wire cables (red, white, and blue) that need to be disconnected. Also, disconnect the front-facing camera by popping off its connector. Remove the single Phillips screw holding the main board in place, then lift and remove the main board.

Step 5: Inspecting the Main Board

The main board features several components, including a secondary mic, flash, sensors, and camera connectors. On the backside, you’ll find the SIM card and memory card reader, along with more camera connectors and a thick layer of graphite film with thermal paste for heat management.

Step 6: Removing the Speaker Assembly and Other Components

Next, remove the speaker assembly, which has antenna lines running through it. Disconnect the flex cable connecting the main board to the sub-board, as well as the fingerprint reader cable and screen flex cable. There are two more wire cables (white and red) to disconnect. Remove the remaining Phillips screw and gently pry off the fingerprint reader.

Step 7: Removing the Charger Port Board

Lift and remove the charger port board, which houses the primary microphone and charger port. Unfortunately, there are no easy pull tabs to remove the battery, so you’ll need to heat the front of the phone to loosen the adhesive under the battery. Use a plastic pry tool to gently pry the battery off.

Step 8: Final Components and Reassembly

With the battery removed, you’re left with the mid-frame, vibrator motor, screen flex cable, and placeholders for millimeter wave antennas (used by certain US carriers like Verizon). There’s also a flex cable for the buttons, secured with a metal bracket.

To replace the screen, remove the back plate, screws, and speaker assembly to access the screen cable. Heat the front to loosen the adhesive, pry off the screen, apply a new screen, reconnect the cable, and reassemble the phone.

Once reassembled, apply new adhesive if necessary, reattach the back plate, power on the phone, and you’re done!

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