S23 Ultra Teardown: Right to Repair Forcing Samsung Towards Repairable Design

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra is making waves in the tech world, not just for its impressive hardware and software but also for its evolving approach to repairability. The South Korean tech giant seems to be catching up with Apple in various aspects, and while tech reviewers debate the merits of these advancements, our focus is on the S23 Ultra’s internal design and its implications for repair enthusiasts.

Unveiling the Internals: A Peek Inside the S23 Ultra

Before diving into the disassembly, we took a look at the x-rays of the S23 Ultra, courtesy of Creative Electron. Initially, we mistakenly used x-rays of last year’s S22 Ultra, but upon comparing both models, we found them strikingly similar inside and out. However, whispers of a significant change to the battery hinted that this teardown might reveal some interesting developments.

Entering Through the Back Panel

As with previous Android teardowns, the entry point is through the back panel. This time, we used the Anti-clamp to work its magic on the adhesive, eliminating the need for cumbersome tools. The S-Pen was removed first, followed by the extraction of 17 Phillips screws. The NFC coil and upper bracket came away as a single piece, exposing the internal connectors.

A Friendly Surprise: Battery Pull-Tab

One of the most notable changes in the S23 Ultra’s design is the inclusion of a battery pull-tab. Unlike the stretch-release tabs found in some other devices, this pull-tab is a significant step towards making battery replacements more feasible. However, it’s not without its challenges. The pull-tab can be tricky to use, especially with sweaty or dry hands, but it signifies Samsung’s acknowledgment of the importance of repair-friendly designs.

The Evolution of Battery Replacement

Despite its initial difficulties, the battery pull-tab is a welcome addition. It suggests that Samsung is beginning to prioritize user-friendly repair features. This move is consistent across the S23 and S23+ models, indicating a broader commitment to repairability rather than restricting it to a single high-end device. This approach contrasts with Apple’s more exclusive design choices, such as those seen in the iPhone 14.

Exploring Other Components: The Periscope Camera

With the battery pull-tab making a positive impression, we proceeded to examine other parts of the phone, starting with the periscope camera. The 10x optical module appeared unchanged from the previous model, sliding around on tiny plastic ball bearings and driven by electromagnetic coils. Samsung’s curved screens, while visually appealing, remain a challenge to remove due to the strong adhesive used. Despite reports of under-screen bubbles on some units, our S23 Ultra displayed no such defects.

The Bigger Picture: Samsung’s Repairability Journey

While the S23 Ultra might seem like a mere hardware update, its inclusion of the battery pull-tab marks a significant step forward in Samsung’s repairability journey. Compared to earlier models, the Galaxy line has made considerable progress since the Galaxy S6’s release in 2015. Although the S23 Ultra doesn’t reach the repairability levels of the iPhone 14, it avoids software locks that hinder third-party repairs.

Challenges and Opportunities: The Path Ahead

Samsung’s recent crackdown on third-party OLED suppliers presents a challenge to the growing demand for repairable devices and a circular economy. However, the S23 Ultra’s design changes, especially the battery pull-tab, suggest a shift towards more consumer-friendly repair options. The S23 Ultra earns a repairability score of 4/10, with the potential for an additional two points if Samsung provides parts and manuals in the future.

Looking Forward: The Role of Right to Repair

The inclusion of a battery pull-tab, even if not perfect, is evidence of the positive impact of the Right to Repair movement. This movement advocates for consumers’ ability to repair and maintain their devices, promoting sustainability and reducing electronic waste. As Samsung and other manufacturers respond to these demands, we can expect further improvements in device design and repairability.

Gadget Kings: Your Trusted Repair Partner

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Conclusion: A Brighter Future for Repairability

Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra represents a step in the right direction for repairability. While there’s still room for improvement, the inclusion of repair-friendly features like the battery pull-tab demonstrates progress. As the Right to Repair movement gains momentum, we can look forward to a future where more devices are designed with repairability in mind. Whether it’s through improved design, better access to parts, or supportive repair services like those offered by Gadget Kings, the path to a more sustainable and repair-friendly tech industry is becoming clearer.

Thank you for joining us in this teardown and review. Stay tuned for more insights and updates on the latest in tech repair and innovation.

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