In this wild adventure, I decided to test the waters by attempting to return a fake iPhone 15 and a pair of fake AirPods Max to various Apple and Best Buy stores. The goal was to see if I could successfully deceive the staff and get a refund, all while documenting the experience. Spoiler alert: things didn’t go as planned, but the journey was filled with laughter and surprising outcomes.

The Preparation

The first step was to purchase a real iPhone 15 from the Apple Store to use its box and receipt for my prank. The real iPhone 15 in hand, I switched it with the fake one I had bought online. To make the fake iPhone look as convincing as possible, I placed it in the real box and used the cover from the genuine device. With everything set, it was time to head to a different Apple Store and try my luck.

The Attempt

I walked into the Apple Store, approached a staff member, and told them I wanted to return the iPhone 15. The moment the staff member touched the phone, I could tell he was suspicious. He scrutinized the device for what felt like an eternity before finally admitting he had no idea what to do. He called for backup, and as I waited, I tried to keep my cool.

When the backup arrived, they took the phone to the back of the store, leaving me in suspense. Minutes later, the staff returned, explaining that the phone couldn’t be returned because it was damaged. Realizing the gig was up, I retrieved the phone and left the store, heading to another location for round two.

Round Two

At the next Apple Store, I approached a different staff member and repeated my story. This time, the employee decided to plug the phone in to ensure it worked. Knowing the fake phone wouldn’t turn on, I felt the tension rise. After several minutes of awkward silence, I decided to reveal the truth. I apologized for wasting their time and explained that it was a fake phone. The staff laughed, saying they suspected something was off but wanted to follow protocol.

The Legal Perspective

Curious about the legal ramifications of my prank, I found a police officer and asked him what would happen if someone successfully pulled off such a scam. The officer explained that returning a fake product for a real refund would be considered theft and could result in felony charges, given the high value of the items. This sobering information reaffirmed my decision not to pursue the prank any further.

The AirPods Max Attempt

Next, I shifted my focus to Best Buy, where I attempted to return a pair of fake AirPods Max. After buying a real pair from Best Buy, I switched them with the fakes and returned to the store. My first attempt was a failure; the staff quickly realized the headphones were fake. They even called a manager, who pointed out discrepancies in the serial numbers and the packaging.

Unfazed, I tried again at a different Best Buy. This time, the staff scrutinized the fake AirPods Max, noting the poor build quality and mismatched serial numbers. They refused the return and asked me to leave the store.

Success at Last

Determined to succeed, I headed to a third Best Buy. I approached the counter with confidence, handed over the fake AirPods Max and receipt, and waited. To my surprise, the staff member processed the return without any questions, handed me a refund, and sent me on my way. It worked! I had successfully returned a fake product.


This adventure, while humorous and entertaining, served as a reminder of the consequences of attempting such pranks. Successfully returning a fake product for a refund constitutes theft and can lead to serious legal trouble. My goal was to test the system and share my experience, but I don’t encourage anyone to try this themselves. Remember, honesty is always the best policy, and it’s not worth risking a felony for a prank.

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