Rebuilding a Wrecked Lamborghini with Fake Parts

Crashing a Lamborghini into a lamp post is every car enthusiast’s nightmare, but for some, it’s an opportunity to rebuild and restore. In this journey, we explore the meticulous process of reconstructing a wrecked Lamborghini using a mix of genuine and aftermarket parts, showcasing the challenges, triumphs, and technical know-how involved in bringing a supercar back to life.

The Accident and Initial Repairs

The last drive ended abruptly with a crash into a lamp post. The car was left in a dire state, with a severely damaged frame and various mechanical issues. The initial steps involved securing a complete new chassis to use as a reference, cutting sections from it to weld onto the damaged frame. With the frame patched up, the next step was to address the engine issues, reinstalling it and getting it to start for the first time since the accident. Despite these efforts, the car was still far from being drivable.

Stripping and Prepping the Car

To rebuild the Lamborghini properly, the first task was to strip it down to its bare essentials. The entire suspension assembly needed to be removed, starting with the front right. The suspension on this particular model was relatively easy to detach as a single piece. This process was repeated on the left side, leaving the front end of the car completely bare. This exposed the damaged parts of the frame that needed attention.

Removing Damaged Components

Several key components, including the power steering cooler and steering rack, were removed. The power steering cooler was beyond repair and had to be replaced. The steering rack, which had been installed loosely for moving the car around, was taken out to allow for a thorough overhaul. With all the weight removed from the front, the car was prepped for painting, covering up the repairs and adding an extra layer of protection.

Reassembling with Aftermarket Parts

Reassembly began with a focus on fitting new components, starting with the heater blower, which required careful placement to avoid obstructing other parts. The next challenge involved replacing expensive frame sections. Genuine Lamborghini parts were prohibitively expensive, costing around £3,449 each. The solution was to source aftermarket parts from Poland at a fraction of the cost, though they required some adjustments to fit properly.

Tackling the ABS and Brake Systems

The ABS pump, a crucial component for managing brake pressure and preventing wheel lockup, was next on the list. The pump was fitted with two 10mm bolts, and the brake servo, responsible for assisting brake pressure, was also installed. Understanding the intricate workings of these components was vital for ensuring the car’s safety and performance.

Cooling and Power Steering Systems

Attention then turned to the car’s cooling and power steering systems. The nose lift pump, used to raise the car’s front end over speed bumps, was installed along with various coolant lines. The power steering cooler, crucial for maintaining fluid temperature, was mounted at the front of the car to ensure optimal airflow. Each of these components was fitted meticulously, ensuring they were securely bolted and correctly connected.

Electrical and Miscellaneous Components

With the mechanical components in place, the focus shifted to the electrical systems. This included fitting the horn, wiring harnesses, and the bonnet lock, which featured a clever design allowing for easy conversion between left-hand and right-hand drive configurations. This thoughtful engineering highlighted Lamborghini’s attention to detail in their design process.

Addressing Air Conditioning Issues

The air conditioning system presented unexpected challenges. The aircon lines purchased for the rebuild were from a 2009 model, while the car was a 2012 model. Despite having the same part numbers, the lines differed slightly, necessitating further adjustments. This discrepancy underscored the importance of verifying part compatibility when working with high-performance vehicles.

Installing Radiators and Final Touches

With the aircon lines sorted, the focus shifted to installing the radiators. Secondhand radiators were fitted to the front of the car, with the engine cooling radiator and aircon condenser mounted securely. A non-OEM radiator for the charge coolers was also installed, requiring some modifications to fit properly. These cooling components were essential for the car’s performance, especially given its powerful engine.

Reassembling the Suspension

Rebuilding the suspension was a complex task, involving the installation of anti-roll bars, wishbones, and the steering rack. The original suspension components, undamaged in the accident, were cleaned up and reinstalled. Special attention was given to fitting the new Nitron suspension, renowned for its performance in race cars. This high-end suspension setup was expected to significantly enhance the car’s handling and ride quality.

Final Assembly and Testing

The final steps involved reassembling the remaining components, including the brake system, electrical connections, and various suspension parts. The meticulous reassembly process ensured that each component was correctly fitted and secured. With the suspension and brakes in place, the car was nearly ready for a test drive.


Rebuilding a wrecked Lamborghini is no small feat, especially when using a mix of genuine and aftermarket parts. This project showcased the intricate process of restoring a high-performance vehicle, highlighting the technical challenges and the satisfaction of seeing the car come back to life. Despite the hurdles, the rebuilt Lamborghini stood as a testament to the dedication and skill involved in automotive restoration.

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