M4 iPad Pro – TOP 5 Things You SHOULD KNOW!

We’re here to dive into the M4 iPad Pro, Apple’s latest powerhouse. It’s sleek, it’s powerful, and yes, it’s expensive. In this video, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the M4 iPad Pro—from the beastly chip to the display and even the keyboard. By the end, you’ll know if it’s a true pro tool or just another pricey upgrade. Stick around for some surprising insights and real-world performance tests that you won’t want to miss. Let’s get started!

1. The M4 Chip: A Game Changer

Starting with the heart of this device, the M4 chip is an absolute beast. Apple skipped the M3 to focus on AI performance, and it shows. This chip is lightning fast, handling demanding tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, and complex music production with ease. But it’s not just about raw speed—the M4’s neural engine is designed for AI workloads, opening the door to a new world of AI-powered apps and features. We’re already seeing this in apps like Procreate, where you can generate complex visual effects in seconds.

2. Dual-Layer OLED Display: Stunning Visuals

Next, let’s talk about the new dual-layer OLED display. It’s undeniably gorgeous, boasting perfect blacks, vibrant colors, and an eye-searing 1600 nits of peak brightness. HDR content looks absolutely stunning. But is it a necessary upgrade if you already own an M2 iPad Pro with its mini-LED display? The difference might not be as dramatic as you’d expect. The M2 screen is still excellent, and the jump isn’t as noticeable as the leap from LCD to OLED on iPhones. That being said, the OLED’s superior contrast and deeper blacks do make a difference, especially in dark environments. And the optional Nano-texture glass, while pricey, is a game changer for reducing glare in bright conditions.

3. Design and Portability: Thin and Light

In terms of design, the M4 iPad Pro is ridiculously thin and light. Apple even claims it’s their thinnest device ever. But is that really necessary for a device that’s primarily used on a desk with a keyboard? The lighter weight is a welcome improvement, though. It makes the iPad Pro much more comfortable to hold, especially the larger 13-inch models. Apple has also relocated the front-facing camera to the landscape edge, which is a smart move for video calls.

4. Performance and Content Creation

When it comes to content creation, this iPad is a powerhouse. It can handle 4K 60fps ProRes video, complex 3D renders, and multi-track music production without breaking a sweat. Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro have been redesigned for touch, and the new live multi-cam feature is a game changer for videographers. However, there is one downside—Apple has removed the ultra-wide rear camera. While most users won’t miss it, it’s a step back for those who occasionally use it for wider shots.

5. Accessories: The Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro

In terms of accessorization, Apple’s new Magic Keyboard is a major upgrade. With a premium aluminum build, a full function row, and a larger trackpad, it’s a fantastic addition. But it’s also expensive, coming in at $349 for the 13-inch model. The Apple Pencil Pro gets haptic feedback, customizable squeeze gestures, and a new rolling gesture. It’s the best stylus on the market, but it’s an additional $129.

The Elephant in the Room: iPadOS

Here’s the elephant in the room: iPadOS. While it has improved, it still has limitations that prevent the iPad Pro from being a true laptop replacement for some users. Multitasking has gotten better with Stage Manager, but it can still be clunky. File management is improved but not as intuitive as on a Mac, and certain pro features like background tasks and utility apps are still missing. For some users, these limitations won’t matter, but if you’re a power user who needs a fully-fledged desktop experience, the iPad Pro might not be enough.

Storage and Connectivity

Let’s talk about storage. The base iPad Pro starts with 256GB of storage, with up to 2TB available as an upgrade. The 1TB and 2TB models have more RAM than the 256GB and 512GB options. There is a single Thunderbolt USB-C port used for charging and connecting Thunderbolt peripherals, and it offers fast data transfer up to 40Gbps. You can use up to one external display with 6K resolution at 60Hz with the iPad Pro.

Camera and Battery Life

Coming to the camera, there’s a 12MP front-facing camera that’s been moved to the landscape side of the iPad, so it’s in the correct orientation for video calls when the iPad is used with a keyboard. The camera supports Center Stage and other FaceTime features. There is a single-lens 12MP rear camera, plus a LiDAR scanner for augmented reality experiences and an updated flash. Apple has removed the ultra-wide camera that was available on the prior generation model.

Did anybody say all-day battery life? Both iPad Pro models offer up to 10 hours of battery life when surfing the web or watching video. Wi-Fi + Cellular models offer up to 9 hours of battery life when surfing the web using 5G connectivity. The 11-inch iPad Pro is equipped with a 31.2Wh battery, while the 13-inch iPad Pro is equipped with a 38.9Wh battery.

Additional Features

Other features include Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.3 support, sub-6GHz 5G for cellular models, four speakers, and four microphones. Now, the big question: is it worth your money? The M4 iPad Pro is undeniably the most powerful, capable tablet on the market. It’s a content creation beast, a productivity powerhouse, and a joy to use. But it’s also expensive. If you already own an M2 iPad Pro, the upgrade might not be worth it unless you absolutely need the latest and greatest tech. But if you’re coming from an older iPad Pro or a different tablet altogether, the M4 iPad Pro is a fantastic option. It’s a glimpse into the future of mobile computing and sure to impress.


What are your thoughts on the M4 iPad Pro? Is it a worthy upgrade? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you found this video helpful, be sure to like and subscribe for more tech reviews and news. And don’t forget to ring that notification bell so you never miss an upload. See you in the next one!

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