Hey everyone! The wait is almost over—just two months until Tim Cook steps onto the stage, says “Good morning,” and reveals the highly anticipated iPhone 16 lineup. This year’s release promises a slew of exciting new features, particularly with the integration of Apple Intelligence, bringing AI to the iPhone in significant ways. In this video, I’ll walk you through 10 major leak updates that will help you decide if the iPhone 16 is worth the wait. Spoiler alert: I think it definitely is! With the new A18 chips and other enhancements, this iPhone is shaping up to be a game-changer. But before diving into the technical details, let’s jump right into leak update number one.

Leak Update #1: Revolutionary Battery Design

We’ve just received confirmation from multiple sources, including Ming-Chi Kuo, that the iPhone 16 will feature a completely redesigned battery. This is one of the most significant changes we’ve ever seen in an iPhone. The new battery design includes a stainless steel housing, similar to what Apple did with the Apple Watch, which increased battery capacity without making the device bigger. The iPhone 16 Pro is expected to have a 3577 mAh battery, which is a 99.2% increase in capacity, while the Pro Max will have a 4747 mAh battery, marking a 6.89% increase. Additionally, these new batteries will be up to 10% denser, allowing Apple to pack more power into a smaller space.

Leak Update #2: Brighter Displays

The iPhone 16 Pro models will feature a 20% brighter display, boasting up to 1200 nits of standard brightness compared to the current 1000 nits. Initially, we thought these models would come with the M13 display material, as used in the Samsung S24 Ultra. However, a recent leak from ET News suggests that Apple might skip the M13 and go straight to the M14, which is even more advanced. This could mean even better display performance, and we hope it includes the same anti-reflective coating found on the S24 Ultra.

Leak Update #3: Thinner Bezels

Apple is breaking all records with the iPhone 16 Pro models by significantly reducing bezel thickness. The iPhone 16 Pro will shrink from 1.71 mm to 1.2 mm, while the Pro Max will go from 1.55 mm to an astounding 1.15 mm—the thinnest bezels on any smartphone in the world. This is made possible by new technology that allows Apple to fold the bottom bezel of the display more efficiently.

Leak Update #4: Unified A18 Chips

A major leak from Apple’s backend code revealed that the entire iPhone 16 lineup will feature the same chip identifier, indicating a unified A18 chip for all models. This is a departure from Apple’s usual practice of using different chips for regular and Pro models. The A18 chips will be based on the second-gen 3nm N3E node, with lower-quality chips branded as regular A18 and higher-performing chips as A18 Pro. This move aligns with leaks suggesting that all iPhone 16 models will come with 8GB of RAM to support new Apple Intelligence AI features.

Leak Update #5: Redesigned MagSafe Ring

New iPhone 16 molds reveal a redesign of the MagSafe ring, although compatibility with existing accessories will remain unchanged. This update likely points to improved technology behind the MagSafe ring, possibly increasing charging speeds to 20W from the current 15W.

Leak Update #6: Samsung Camera Sensor

For the first time, the iPhone might feature a Samsung camera sensor. This shift is due to Sony’s production issues last year, which almost delayed the iPhone launch. Samsung’s new wafer-to-wafer hybrid bonding technology promises a smaller sensor with increased data transfer speeds, likely resulting in a 48-megapixel main camera for the iPhone 16.

Leak Update #7: Upgraded Ultra-Wide Camera

One of the most exciting upgrades is the 48-megapixel ultra-wide camera on the iPhone 16 Pro models. The current 12-megapixel sensor struggles in low light, but the new sensor will significantly improve quality, using pixel binning to enhance low-light performance.

Leak Update #8: Polished Titanium Finish

The iPhone 16 Pro models will feature polished titanium instead of the current brushed finish. This change will give the Pro models a more premium feel, differentiating them from the less expensive aluminum models. Expected colors include Space Black and Rose Titanium.

Leak Update #9: Dimension Changes

Leaked dimensions from Universe Ice and Instant Digital show slight changes in the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max sizes. The iPhone 16 Pro will be 8.25 mm thick, 3 mm taller, 0.85 mm wider, and 3.93 mm larger in display size. It will also be 3.74% heavier. The Pro Max will be 0.01 mm thicker, 3.1 mm taller, 0.88 mm wider, and 4.08 mm larger in display size, with only a 1.8% increase in weight.

Leak Update #10: New Battery Replacement Method

Apple plans to introduce a new battery replacement method with the iPhone 16, making it easier for users to replace their own batteries. The new stainless steel housing will make the batteries safer and less prone to swelling, aligning with EU regulations.

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