Brandon stood in his cluttered workshop, the familiar hum of machinery filling the air. Surrounded by the tools of his trade, each meticulously placed, he was ready for the day’s work. His hands moved with practiced precision, a testament to over twelve years of experience in the delicate art of refurbishing phone screens. Today’s task: the iPhone 14 Pro Max front glass repair.

Setting the Scene

“Hey guys, Brandon here,” he greeted the camera, his voice steady and confident. “Going to refurbish this 14 Pro Max front glass screen. The customer sent us four phones, and I’ve already completed two. This will be the third, and I’ll finish the fourth in the morning.”

He picked up the Wagner heat gun, an old companion of twelve years. It had never failed him, a reliable tool in his arsenal. “This old guy has been with me for years. Unbelievable, never quits working.”

With a quick swipe, he grabbed a razor blade and a bottle of 99% alcohol. “Only use 99% alcohol,” he emphasized. “Anything else will destroy the phone. Acetone works, but it smells awful and gives me headaches.”

The Delicate Operation

Brandon carefully inserted the razor blade under the frame of the screen, a delicate operation requiring a steady hand. “Make sure you’re under the frame, not between the glass and the frame. If you get in between, you’ll break the screen before you even start.”

Working methodically, his movements were smooth and efficient. His experience showed in the ease with which he navigated the intricacies of the repair. “Refurbishing is basically brain surgery on the cell phone screen,” he said with a wry smile.

He used thin wire to separate the glass from the screen, avoiding damage to the polarizer. “Thicker wire damages the polarizer, and replacing it always destroys the screen,” he explained. “The polarizer is a top layer on the screen, and we try to keep it intact.”

The Tedious Cleaning Process

The workshop was filled with the sounds of scraping and the occasional pop as the glass separated from the frame. Brandon’s concentration was unwavering. He applied heat from the hot plate, set at a precise temperature, to remove the OCA layer from the display. “The warmer it is, the easier the OCA comes off,” he noted. “The cleaning process is tedious but essential. Any residue, no matter how small, will cause a bubble and the customer won’t be happy.”

As he meticulously cleaned the screen, he shared more about his work. “If you’d like me to do this for your phone, or you have a business and want to outsource your refurbishing, we can help. We charge $100 for iPhone 12 through 14 Pro Max, and $150 for the 15 series. That includes priority shipping back to you.”

Attaching the New Glass

The next step was attaching the new glass. He placed the screen in an alignment mold and applied a dot of glue. “Make sure the glass fits tightly in the frame,” he instructed. “Then, laminate it. The process is nearly perfect, and we rarely have issues.”

Brandon’s attention to detail was evident as he pressed the screen into the frame, ensuring a seamless fit. “This is skilled labor. Not a lot of shops do this. It’s a specialty repair, and we take mail-ins from all over the country.”

Final Testing

With the new glass in place, he conducted a final test. The screen lit up perfectly, no display message, no imperfections. “There you go,” he said, satisfaction in his voice. “No one will even know it’s been repaired.”

He placed the phone in a clamp to let the glue dry, then cleaned the screen one last time. The workshop was quiet, save for the soft sounds of cleaning and the occasional beep from the machines. Brandon’s focus was unwavering, his dedication to his craft clear in every movement.

Brandon’s Expertise at Gadget Kings

Brandon’s journey from a novice technician to a master of phone refurbishment was not without its challenges. Over the years, he had honed his skills, learning the intricacies of each device that crossed his workbench. His reputation grew, and so did the trust that customers placed in him.

“That’s it for today,” he said, turning back to the camera. “Remember, if you need your phone refurbished, or if you have a business that needs these services, visit us at Gadget Kings. We’re here to help.”

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At Gadget Kings, we pride ourselves on being the best phone repair shop in the business. Our team of highly skilled technicians, like Brandon, is dedicated to providing top-notch repair services for all your electronic devices. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, we have the expertise to handle any issue with precision and care.

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