iPad 6 Screen Replacement – A1893 – A1954


In the bustling town of Techville, there lived a meticulous and skilled technician named Alex. Alex owned a popular repair shop, Gadget Kings, renowned for its exceptional service and dedication to reviving broken devices. Situated at the heart of Techville, Gadget Kings was a haven for tech enthusiasts and those desperate to save their beloved gadgets.

A Day at Gadget Kings

One bright morning, Alex arrived at Gadget Kings, ready to tackle the day’s challenges. The first task at hand was an iPad 6 screen replacement. The iPad belonged to a young student named Mia, who had accidentally dropped it while rushing to class. The screen was shattered, but the LCD was still intact. As Mia handed over the device, she looked at Alex with hopeful eyes, trusting that her tablet would soon be as good as new.

“Hi, welcome! I hope you’re doing well,” Alex greeted with a warm smile. He flipped the iPad over to reveal the model number on the back. “This is the iPad sixth generation, model A1893. Whether it’s black or white, the process of replacing the screen is the same.”

Mia nodded, relieved to be in capable hands. Alex began explaining the procedure. “In this video, I’ll show you step-by-step how to replace the broken digitizer, just the glass itself. If your display is bad, you would have to replace both the LCD and the digitizer. But in my case, only the digitizer is cracked, and my LCD screen works perfectly fine.”

Tools Needed for iPad 6 Screen Replacement

Alex showed Mia the tools needed for the repair:

He emphasized the importance of safety goggles to protect their eyes from tiny shards of glass.

Step-by-Step iPad 6 Screen Replacement Process

1. Heating the Glass

“Let’s get started,” Alex said, putting on his safety goggles. He turned on the heat gun and began heating the edges of the iPad’s glass. “I’m not staying in one position because the heat gun is very hot. I do not want to damage the LCD screen or the internal components like the battery or the logic board. Always keep moving the heat gun to soften the adhesive glue.”

2. Removing the Broken Glass

As the adhesive softened, Alex used the prying tool to gently lift the broken glass, placing a blue plastic prying tool to keep the screen from resting and the glue from hardening again. He worked methodically, knowing that the bottom of the iPad, where the Wi-Fi antenna and home button cables were located, required extra caution to avoid breaking or cutting the cables.

“The more cracks you have, the more difficult it can get,” Alex explained, carefully working around the tiny shattered pieces. “But once you soften the adhesive enough, it becomes easier to remove.”

3. Cleaning the Frame and Transferring the Home Button

After meticulously removing the broken glass, Alex focused on cleaning the tiny shards and adhesive residue from the iPad’s frame. He then turned his attention to the home button, which needed to be transferred to the new screen. “We need to save the original home button to ensure the touch ID and fingerprint functions work,” he explained, using super glue to secure the bracket that held the home button in place.

4. Disconnecting the Battery

With the home button secured, Alex proceeded to disconnect the battery to ensure no current was flowing through the device during the repair. “Always disconnect the battery before working on the internals,” he reminded Mia.

5. Removing the LCD and Broken Digitizer

Next, Alex removed the screws holding the LCD and carefully lifted it, revealing the internal components. He disconnected the digitizer and LCD cables, then removed the broken digitizer. Alex took a moment to explain the importance of a clean workspace. “Always make sure your workspace is clean to prevent dust and debris from getting into the device.”

6. Installing the New Digitizer

Alex then prepared the new digitizer for installation. He applied double-sided tape to the frame, ensuring a strong hold. “I recommend using third-party adhesive tape because it’s stronger and holds the screen better,” he advised.

Before installing the new digitizer, Alex covered the exposed sensors with tape to prevent ghost touching issues. “Some iPad screens touch by themselves if the sensors are exposed,” he explained. “Covering them helps prevent that.”

7. Reassembling and Testing

With the preparations complete, Alex carefully connected the new digitizer and LCD cables, ensuring everything snapped into place securely. He reconnected the battery and powered on the iPad to test the screen and home button. Mia watched eagerly as the Apple logo appeared on the screen, a sign of success.

“The LCD screen looks good, and the home button works perfectly,” Alex confirmed, demonstrating the functionality to Mia. He then removed the protective plastic from the new digitizer and secured it to the iPad’s frame.

Final Tips

“Remember, always get a better case that covers the glass with rubber to absorb impact. Screen protectors alone won’t prevent cracks,” Alex advised as he handed the repaired iPad back to Mia.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mia thanked Alex profusely. “You’ve saved my iPad and all my schoolwork. Thank you so much, Alex!”

Alex smiled warmly, happy to have helped another satisfied customer. “It’s my pleasure. Take care, and remember, Gadget Kings is always here for your tech repair needs.”


As Mia left Gadget Kings with her restored iPad, Alex felt a sense of fulfillment. His day was filled with challenges, but each successful repair reaffirmed his dedication to his craft. Gadget Kings continued to thrive, a beacon of hope for those in Techville and beyond, needing their beloved gadgets brought back to life.

For more information about Gadget Kings and their exceptional repair services, visit their website at Gadget Kings.

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