I Flipped an iPhone 8 up to an iPhone 15: My Journey with Gadget Kings PRS

Flipping phones has become a popular way to make money quickly, and I decided to take on the challenge myself. Starting with an old iPhone 8, my goal was to flip it all the way up to a brand-new iPhone 15. Here’s how I did it, with some tips from Gadget Kings PRS, the best phone repair shop around.

Day 1: Starting with an iPhone 8

I began with an iPhone 8 in decent condition, which I decided to sell on eBay. To get started, I cleaned it up, took some good photos, and listed it at a slightly lower price than market value to ensure a quick sale. Selling it quickly was crucial to keep the cash flow moving, allowing me to buy more phones for future flips.

Day 2: The First Flip

The next day, the iPhone 8 sold for $130, leaving me with $120 after eBay fees. I immediately started searching for my next flip on Facebook Marketplace. The goal was to find a phone that fit my budget and could be sold for a profit on eBay. I found another iPhone 8 with a cracked screen for $30. While not ideal, it was the best option within my limited budget.

Day 3-4: Preparing for the Next Flip

I picked up the second iPhone 8 and noticed it was in rough shape, but everything else checked out fine. Unfortunately, the parts store I usually buy from was closed for the weekend, so I couldn’t replace the screen right away. Instead, I listed the phone with the cracked screen and planned to fix it on Monday.

To my surprise, the phone sold quickly for $165, giving me a nice profit to reinvest. This was a crucial step as it increased my budget for the next flip.

Day 5: A Stroke of Luck with an iPhone Xs

I managed to find an iPhone X listed for $40 on Facebook Marketplace. Upon inspection, it turned out to be an iPhone Xs, which was a pleasant surprise since these models sell for more. I listed the Xs on eBay along with the iPhone 8 and, luckily, both sold the next morning.

Day 6: The Big Break – iPhone 13 Pro Max

Scrolling through Marketplace, I found an incredible deal: an iPhone 13 Pro Max with a cracked screen for $250. Such deals are rare, and I was skeptical, but everything checked out. I drove 45 minutes to pick it up, and it was legit. This flip had the potential to bring in a substantial profit.

Repairing the iPhone 13 Pro Max

Replacing an iPhone 13 Pro Max screen typically costs around $500-$600. However, Gadget Kings PRS has a technician who can replace just the glass, reducing the cost to about $60. This service is a game-changer for expensive models. With the screen fixed, I listed the 13 Pro Max, and it sold for $1,100, pushing me much closer to my goal.

Final Days: Reaching the Goal

With the money from the 13 Pro Max sale, I purchased an iPhone 11 for $130 and an iPhone 12 for $300. Additionally, I found an iPhone 12 mini for $200 and an iPhone 8 for $50, getting both for a total of $220 by negotiating a bundle deal.

Selling the Last Batch

With time running out before my iPhone 15 pre-order pickup, I contacted local buyers to sell the remaining phones quickly. While this meant accepting slightly lower prices than on eBay, it ensured I had the cash in time.

Picking Up the iPhone 15

After a week of hard work, I finally had enough money. I picked up my brand-new iPhone 15, a rewarding end to an intense flipping journey. The experience was a rollercoaster, but I learned a lot about the phone resale market.

Tips for Successful Phone Flipping

  1. Research Prices: Use eBay’s sold listings to gauge the market value of phones.
  2. Start Small: Begin with lower-value phones to build your budget and experience.
  3. Quality Repairs: Partner with a reliable repair shop like Gadget Kings PRS for affordable, high-quality repairs.
  4. Quick Listings: List phones at competitive prices to ensure quick sales and maintain cash flow.
  5. Local Deals: Be ready to negotiate and close deals quickly to maximize profits.

Why Choose Gadget Kings PRS?

Throughout this journey, Gadget Kings PRS played a crucial role. Their expertise in phone repairs, especially for high-end models, helped me save significantly on repair costs, maximizing my profits. If you’re into phone flipping or just need a reliable repair service, I highly recommend Gadget Kings PRS. Their address is Gadget Kings PRS, Murrumba Downs, Drewvale, Runcorn, Forest Lake, Rocklea, Moorooka, Doolandella, Underwood, Logan, Marsden, Springwood, and Bribie Island.

They offer exceptional service, competitive prices, and fast turnarounds. Their skilled technicians can handle everything from screen replacements to more complex repairs, ensuring your phones are in top condition before you sell them.

Flipping phones can be a profitable venture if you’re willing to put in the work. With the right strategies and reliable partners like Gadget Kings PRS, you can turn old phones into valuable assets and reach your financial goals

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