# I Bought the World’s RAREST Phones!

## Introduction
Five minutes to get not one, not two, but eleven of the rarest limited edition smartphones on the planet. This has taken me months. I’ve had to hire middlemen just to be able to source some of the rarer ones. Oh yeah, and my card got blocked three times because my bank was convinced there was no way that I would actually do this. But here we are. So let’s find out if it was worth it. We’ll start from the least expensive all the way to the most expensive.

## The Coca-Cola Phone
– **Price**: Not specified
– **Unboxing**: Two boxes. The small one includes:
  – An insert with stickers, a membership card, and a Coke bottle cap-shaped SIM ejector tool.
  – The phone itself with special Coca-Cola-themed features like a boot-up sound, home screen, charging animation, and shutter sound.
  – Only 6,000 units made.
– **Extras**: The larger box contains a figure made of Coke.
– **Verdict**: Although the phone parts like the screen and camera are mediocre, the price is reasonable for a limited edition.

## The Astro Boy Phone
– **Price**: $470
– **Theme**: Based on the Japanese anime Astro Boy.
– **Unboxing**: 
  – Outer sleeve with sticker packs and a strong-feeling case.
  – The phone itself features a lively red and black theme with Astro Boy detailing.
  – Unique features like a charging animation with Astro Boy’s head and a themed dial pad.
– **Verdict**: Great value for its price considering the level of detail and customization.

## The Harry Potter Phone
– **Presentation**: Next-level, resembling a spell book.
– **Unboxing**:
  – Magnetic tab opens to reveal a Hogwarts letter, a Platform 9¾ SIM ejector tool, stickers, a case with a gold button, and a Marauder’s Map manual.
  – The phone itself has custom features including a Harry Potter theme, a lightning bolt, and house crests.
– **Specs**: 120Hz OLED display, high-end Snapdragon chip, 12GB RAM.
– **Verdict**: Worth the effort to acquire from China for its unique Harry Potter experience.

## The Hello Kitty Phone
– **Core Design**: My favorite so far, smooth and rounded like a pebble with photochromic glass.
– **Unboxing**:
  – Hidden kitties on the surface, simple box with a case, standard table, and charger.
  – Custom icons and accents.
– **Features**: Smooth design, responsive to UV light for color changes.
– **Verdict**: Despite lacking extensive theming, the design and features make it a fun and collectible item.

## The Sony Xperia 1 Mark IV Gaming Edition
– **Gaming Features**:
  – A screen case that blocks the phone’s cameras but makes it feel like a first-gen PSP.
  – Full-on fan and ethernet port.
  – HDMI connection for a TV or monitor.
  – Software features like Low Gamma Raiser.
– **Price**: $1,200
– **Verdict**: A serious gaming phone with unique features and a higher-end feel.

## Samsung S23 Ultra Exclusive Online Variants
– **Price**: Not specified
– **Features**: 
  – Comes with free Galaxy Buds 2.
  – Vibrant red design with matte black sides.
  – Exclusive to Samsung’s website with slightly warmer wallpaper shade.
– **Verdict**: The best color options saved for direct buyers, offering a unique look for Samsung fans.

## The Vincent Van Gogh Phone
– **Artistic Design**: Based on Van Gogh’s The Starry Night with a unique 3D design.
– **Unboxing**:
  – High-quality materials and presentation.
  – Unique display and invisible front camera.
  – Laser-etched back design.
– **Verdict**: A luxurious and artistic phone, though front camera quality is sacrificed for design.

## The Transformers Optimus Prime Phone
– **Design**: Cool finish with a metal middle for heat conduction.
– **Features**:
  – Custom heavily-sharpened wallpaper and font.
  – Built-in fan for cooling.
  – Invisible front-facing camera.
– **Verdict**: Over-sharpened icons and cluttered theme make it feel cheap despite the high quality and practical features.

## The Genshin Impact Phone
– **Price**: Not specified
– **Presentation**: Dense and premium, packaged like Holy Scripture.
– **Unboxing**:
  – 3D pre-framed artwork, mouse mat, custom charging cable, and coins.
  – Smooth, gritty texture with a mock color.
– **Features**: Custom animated lock screen, always-on clock, and anime-themed charging animation.
– **Verdict**: Excellent attention to detail and premium feel for Genshin Impact fans.

## Samsung S23 Ultra BMW Edition
– **Price**: $3,000
– **Unboxing**:
  – Includes a cup holder and wireless charger, metal car bonnet box, BMW logos and coins.
  – BMW-themed software and icon pack.
  – Extra items like a keychain, air compressor, and magnetic sunglasses holder.
– **Verdict**: Exceptional presentation and thorough theming, but the phone itself remains plain black.

## The Caviar Desperado Phone
– **Price**: Over $10,000
– **Unboxing**: 
  – High-end case with crocodile leather and 24-karat gold.
  – Includes a chain with a bullet pendant, gold-plated AirPods Pro, and a luxury presentation.
– **Verdict**: A high-priced, luxury experience with extravagant accessories.

## Conclusion
Exploring these rare and limited edition phones has been an incredible journey. From artistic masterpieces to branded collaborations, each phone offers a unique experience. Whether you’re a collector or just a tech enthusiast, there’s something in this lineup to capture your imagination. Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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