I Bought ‘Expensive’ TEMU Tech: Was it Worth It?

In the world of online shopping, TEMU stands out as an absurdly cheap platform. It makes Wish.com look pricy and Amazon seem like a rip-off. I decided to put TEMU to the test by purchasing the most expensive tech items I could find on the site. The big question was: Would I be scammed out of hundreds of dollars, or would these products turn out to be a hidden gem?

The 3D Printer Saga

My first item was a 3D printer. When it arrived, I noticed a significant problem right off the bat—all the filament was broken. It was a rough start for my first-ever order from TEMU. I couldn’t help but wonder if things could only improve from there.

The printer came in numerous pieces, part of the reason why TEMU products are so cheap. It took me 25 minutes to read through the Chinese instructions and assemble it. Surprisingly, it was quite satisfying to put together, despite being incredibly loud and slightly concerning. I had to buy new 3D filament to replace the broken one and connected it to the printer. The big test was to see if it would actually print something.

I uploaded a 3D print model and set the printer running. While waiting for the 3D printer, I decided to unbox the next item.

The TEMU Smartwatch with a Twist

The next item was a sports watch. The packaging was basic, with some mud on the top, but I was willing to overlook that. The watch itself was massive and had a unique feature: integrated headphones. I had never seen anything like it.

However, as I explored the smartwatch, I found something illegal—preloaded music, including “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Despite this, the watch’s features, such as tracking steps and heart rate, worked pretty well. But connecting my phone to it seemed risky due to the preloaded music and the dodgy website it came from. It felt like a potential data privacy invasion.

TEMU Smartwatch: Trash or Treasure?

The TEMU smartwatch cost £88 (about $11 US). Despite some features not working and the illegal music, the integrated headphones and other working features made it feel like a treasure. After all, it was just $11.

Back to the 3D Printer

After some time, the 3D printer had finished its task. It printed a small rocket, which, despite being basic, had good quality. Feeling optimistic, I tried pushing the printer to its limits, but it struggled with more complex files. Considering I paid just £91.98 (around $116), it was a ridiculously cheap deal. Though it had issues, for a beginner’s 3D printer, it was still quite impressive.

Smart Glasses Disappointment

Next up were smart glasses. The packaging was damaged, and the glasses themselves were underwhelming. They were essentially GoPro glasses with a camera, and not functional smart glasses as I had hoped. They cost £65 (about $80), and they were definitely trash. Using them as a dashcam while running was the only redeeming feature.

The Drone Adventure

The item I was most excited about was the drone. Setting it up was quick and easy, but the instructions had poor translations. Flying it indoors was tricky, but it worked well enough to capture some footage. The camera quality, however, was disappointing.

At £157 (about $198), the drone was the most expensive item. Despite some flaws, it was the best-performing item so far and was considered a treasure. However, my girlfriend had no use for a drone, so the search for a suitable anniversary present continued.

Telescope Trouble

The next item was a telescope, which arrived with a foul smell and unclear instructions. I never managed to get it working properly. Priced at £121 (about $152), it was an epic fail.

The Final Hope: A Torch

The last item was one of the brightest torches in the world. Confident it would be good, I didn’t even open it before wrapping it up as my girlfriend’s anniversary present. However, it turned out to be too big and heavy, and she wasn’t thrilled. The torch needed charging before use, adding to the disappointment.

The Torch Redemption

After charging the torch, I tested it and discovered it was incredibly powerful, like a real-life lightsaber. It was premium quality, made of metal, and felt high-end. At £61 (about $77), it was a great deal and a definite treasure. I even created a makeshift Bat-signal with it, which was a hit on TikTok.

TEMU Tech: Final Verdict

In the end, most of the tech from TEMU was either hit or miss. The 3D printer and torch were treasures, while the smartwatch, smart glasses, and telescope were disappointments. TEMU offers incredibly cheap products, but you get what you pay for.

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