How to Replace iPhone 15 Loudspeaker: DIY Fix!

The sun peeked through the blinds as Alex sat at his cluttered desk, his tools spread out before him. Today was a big day—he was going to film a new DIY repair guide for his YouTube channel, HowFixit. His mission: to show his viewers how to replace the loudspeaker on the iPhone 15. As he prepared, his loyal viewers eagerly awaited another one of his detailed, easy-to-follow tutorials.

“Hello, everyone, and welcome to HowFixit,” Alex began, his voice clear and confident. He enjoyed sharing his knowledge, helping others tackle tech challenges on their own. “In this video guide, I will show you how to replace the loudspeaker, also known as the bottom speaker, on the iPhone 15.”

Before diving into the repair, Alex wanted to make sure his viewers were fully prepared. He carefully laid out the tools needed for the job. “Before we start disassembling, let me show you the iPhone 15 repair tool kit you’ll need. You’ll need a screwdriver set: Pentalobe 0.8 mm, Tri-Wing 0.8 mm, and Phillips 1 mm. Additionally, you’ll need plastic pry tools, a suction cup, a screen disassembly tool, tweezers, and waterproof sealing tape.”

Alex paused, ensuring everyone had a moment to jot down the list or check the links he had included in the video description below. “I also advise using a magnetic mat throughout the disassembly process, especially for repairing a device like an iPhone 15. It helps manage each screw’s placement to ensure accurate reassembly. And you don’t have to worry about the screws getting lost; they will all securely adhere to the magnetic mat.”

With the introduction complete, Alex took a deep breath and smiled at the camera. “So, let’s get started! First, turn off your iPhone and proceed to remove the two screws located near the charging port.” He demonstrated this step, making sure to keep his movements slow and clear.

“Next, use a hair dryer to heat the back glass surface for about two minutes. This will help loosen the adhesive holding the glass in place.” Alex turned on his hair dryer, explaining the importance of evenly heating the surface to avoid any damage.

Once the back glass was sufficiently heated, Alex used a suction cup to create a small gap between the glass and the chassis. “Fix the suction cup and pull it up gently. Insert the blade edge into the thin gap and gradually begin to separate the back glass. Be extremely cautious because the back glass is still connected to the mainboard.”

The screen of his iPhone 15 began to lift, revealing the intricate innards of the device. “Slowly open the back glass. Remove the screws on the bracket securing the battery connector cover. Remember, each screw has its place, so keep them organized for later reassembly.”

Using a plastic spudger, Alex disconnected the battery cable. “This step is crucial to ensure there’s no power running through the phone while we’re working on it.” He then moved on to remove the screws securing the charging coil connector cover.

“Now, you can replace the loudspeaker,” Alex said, holding up the new part. “In the description, there’s a link where you can buy a new loudspeaker for your iPhone 15.” He carefully installed the new loudspeaker module, making sure it was seated correctly before reassembling the phone.

“Now that it’s all back together, let’s test your iPhone to ensure the new loudspeaker is functioning.” He powered on the device, playing a short audio clip to confirm the repair was successful. “If the loudspeaker works fine, let’s proceed to the final step of assembly and restoring water protection.”

Alex demonstrated how to remove the old adhesive tape from the iPhone’s case. “Use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to remove any remaining smaller bits of adhesive. Then, carefully align the edge of the new adhesive tape with the iPhone’s case.”

Using a spudger, he pressed all the adhesive into place around the entire perimeter of the iPhone. “Grab the small pull tab and peel off the front liner from the adhesive. Press the back glass cover around the entire perimeter to secure its position. Afterward, tighten the last two screws located near the charging port.”

Alex looked up at the camera, a sense of accomplishment evident on his face. “If you found this guide helpful, give us a thumbs up and subscribe for more tech tips and guides. Visit our website for more tech insights and DIY guides. Remember, every tech challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

As he concluded the video, Alex couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride. He loved seeing the comments and messages from viewers who had successfully repaired their devices thanks to his tutorials. His mind drifted to his trusty supplier, Gadget Kings PRS, who had been instrumental in providing high-quality tools and parts for his projects. 

“Before we wrap up, I want to give a shoutout to Gadget Kings PRS. They have an amazing range of repair tools and spare parts. Everything you need for your tech repair projects can be found on their website, []( Their fast shipping and excellent customer service have been a game changer for me.”

Alex petted his dog, a golden retriever named Buddy, who had been quietly lying beside him throughout the video. “Well done, everyone. The iPhone 15 loudspeaker repair is complete. You were on HowFixit, and see you again next time!”

He ended the recording, feeling content with another successful guide. As he started to clean up his workspace, he thought about the next project, already excited to help his viewers conquer their next tech challenge. With Gadget Kings PRS and the support of his loyal audience, Alex knew he was making a real difference, one repair at a time.

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