How to Replace iPhone 15 Earpiece Speaker – Step-by-Step Guide!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to  HowFixit. In this video guide,  
I will show you how to replace the  earpiece speaker on the iPhone 15.
Before we start disassembling, let me show  you the iPhone 15 repair tool kit you’ll need: 
Screwdriver set: Pentalobe 0.8 mm,  Tri-Wing 0.8 mm, Phillips 1 mm. 
Plastic pry tools Suction Cup 
Screen disassembly tool 
Tweezers Waterproof Sealing Tape
I have included links to all the tools and  spare parts in the video description below.
I also advise using a magnetic mat  throughout the disassembly process,  
especially for repairing a device like  an iPhone 15. While disassembling,  
manage each screw’s placement to ensure  accurate reassembly. And you don’t have  
to worry about the screws getting lost; they  will all securely adhere to the magnetic mat.
So, let’s get started! Turn off your iPhone and  
proceed to remove the two screws  located near the charging port. 
Use a hair dryer to heat the  back glass surface for 2 minutes. 
Fix the suction cup and pull it up. Insert the  blade edge into the thin gap between the back  
glass and the chassis. From this position,  gradually begin to separate the back glass. 
Slowly open the back glass with extreme caution,  
because the back glass is still  connected to the mainboard. 
Remove the screws on the bracket  securing the battery connector cover. 
Remember, each screw has its place, so  keep them organized for later reassembly. 
Use a plastic spudger to  disconnect the battery cable. 
Remove the screws securing the  charging coil connector cover. 
You can now replace the earpiece  speaker. In the description,  
I’ve provided a link where you can  purchase a new speaker for your iPhone  
15. Let’s begin installing the new earpiece speaker. 
Now that everything is reassembled, you can  test how the earpiece speaker functions. 
If the earpiece speaker works fine,  
let’s proceed to the final step of  assembly and restoring water protection. 
Remove old adhesive tape from your iPhone’s case. 
Use isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab to  remove any remaining smaller bits of adhesive. 
Carefully align the edge of the  adhesive tape with the iPhone’s case. 
Use a spudger to press all the adhesive into  place around the entire perimeter of your iPhone. 
Grab the small pull tab and peel off  the front liner from the adhesive. 
Press the back glass cover around the entire  perimeter to secure its position. Afterward,  
tighten the last two screws  located near the charging port. 
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Visit our website for more tech insights  and DIY guides. Remember, every tech  
challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. Well done, the iPhone 15 earpiece speaker repair  
is complete. You were on HowFixit,  and see you again next time!

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