How to Fix – iPhone 15 Pro Screen Replacement In 13 Minutes!

### A Day in the Life of Gadget Kings

It was a typical bustling morning at Gadget Kings, a renowned repair shop in the heart of the city. As the sun began to peek through the windows, John, the lead technician, prepared for another day of fixing and reviving damaged gadgets. Today, an iPhone 15 Pro awaited his skilled hands—a device with a cracked LCD that needed urgent attention.

John took a deep breath and began his meticulous process. He carefully placed the phone on his workstation and examined the damage. The screen was severely cracked, but John was unfazed. This was his specialty, and he knew exactly what to do. He reached for his trusty pentalobe screwdriver and gently removed the screws from the bottom of the phone. “These screws can be tricky,” he muttered to himself, “Better be careful not to strip them.”

With the screws safely removed, John placed the screwdriver aside and prepared to tackle the next challenge: the strong adhesive securing the screen to the phone. He grabbed his heat gun and slowly warmed the edges of the phone. The heat softened the adhesive, making it easier to lift the screen without causing further damage.

“Always remember,” he reminded himself, “If the LCD isn’t damaged, this step can take longer. But today, we have a bit of an advantage.” Using his precision pry tool, John started at the bottom right corner of the phone. He worked his way around the edges, gently prying the screen away from the frame. The adhesive put up a fight, but John’s steady hands and years of experience made quick work of it.

As the screen finally lifted, John was careful to place the screws in order, ensuring each one would return to its rightful place during reassembly. “Organization is key,” he thought. “A magnetic mat and screwdriver make this job so much easier.”

Next, John disconnected the battery. Using his fingernail, he gently lifted the connector. “Always disconnect the battery first,” he said to himself. “Safety first.” With the battery disconnected, he moved on to the delicate task of removing the Face ID sensor. He unscrewed the protective plate and carefully lifted the sensor, mindful of the adhesive and the tiny integrated circuit (IC) nearby.

“Now for the tricky part,” John murmured as he applied more heat to loosen the glue beneath the Face ID sensor. He used a thin opening tool to lift the sensor, being extremely cautious not to damage any components. Once the sensor was free, he carefully set it aside, ready to install it on the new screen.

John retrieved the new screen and began the reassembly process. He started by aligning the Face ID sensor, ensuring it fit perfectly in its place. “This glue can be a real challenge,” he thought, “But it’s all about patience and precision.” He installed the protective plate and secured it with the Phillips screws, double-checking that everything was tight and aligned.

With the Face ID sensor in place, John connected the new screen to the phone. He reattached the Face ID connector, the LCD connector, and finally the battery. As he worked, he made sure each screw went back into its specific hole, avoiding any risk of damaging the motherboard. “One wrong screw can cause a lot of trouble,” he reminded himself.

Once all the components were reconnected, John carefully aligned the screen with the phone’s frame. He pressed down gently, ensuring a snug fit. “Now to test it,” he thought as he powered on the phone. He navigated through the settings, testing each button and function. Everything worked perfectly.

Satisfied with his work, John cleaned the frame of the phone, removing any residue, dust, or hair. “Attention to detail makes all the difference,” he said. He used a turbo fan to blow away any remaining particles and carefully fitted the new screen onto the frame. He secured the pentalobe screws, making sure they were neither too tight nor too loose.

Before finishing, John cleaned the charger port, the speaker, and the microphone. He then installed a new screen protector, aligning it perfectly and smoothing out any bubbles. A quick spray of alcohol and a final polish left the phone looking brand new.

John stepped back and admired his work. The iPhone 15 Pro, once broken and unusable, was now pristine and fully functional. He imagined the look of satisfaction on his client’s face when they saw their phone, good as new. “Another successful repair,” he thought with a smile. “Time to tackle the next one.”

As John prepared for his next task, he glanced at the sign on the wall that read, “Gadget Kings – Where Your Devices Reign Supreme.” It was a motto he lived by, and today, like every other day, he upheld it with pride. 

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