How an iPad is Professionally Restored: A Tale of Precision and Care

My name is Abdullah Kabani, and I own a phone repair company. Today, I’m going t

o walk you through how to restore a severely damaged fifth-generation Apple iPad. This isn’t just any routine repair; it’s a testament to the skill and patience required to bring technology back to life.

The iPad arrived at my shop in terrible condition. The customer, frustrated by some event, had thrown it against a garage wall. The impact bent the frame like a banana, crushing the screen, battery, and LCD. To replace the frame, I practically have to rebuild the entire iPad, reusing parts where possible and replacing others as needed.

The first step is to remove the destroyed screen. Normally, I would use a heat pad to loosen the adhesive holding the screen down. However, the bent frame means the iPad won’t sit flat, so I resort to a heat gun. Carefully heating the adhesive, I use a blade to pry the glass up from the frame. This is a delicate process; the remaining glass must be meticulously scraped away to prevent obstruction when removing the LCD.

As I lift the LCD and expose the battery connection, I use a battery separator tool to disconnect any power supply, reducing the risk of a short circuit. Frame replacements require removing every single component from the iPad and transferring them to the new frame. Each component, no matter how small, serves a crucial purpose. I must be exceptionally careful not to damage anything, especially the motherboard, which, miraculously, hasn’t been harmed despite the severe bend in the frame.

In my experience, lithium batteries have a lifespan of about two and a half to three years before they start malfunctioning. Given that the iPad had been sitting in a cold garage for a long time, I decided to replace the battery as part of the restoration. I prefer not to use excessive heat on the battery, opting instead for a bit of acetone to loosen the adhesive before prying it out with a spudger. Although I don’t need to remove the battery for the repair, doing so makes accessing other components much easier.

Precision is key to safely performing the repair. Any slip of the hand could damage a cable or battery, potentially causing a fire. Once everything is disassembled, I begin the meticulous process of reassembly. I install the power and volume buttons before securing the motherboard with screws. Some components require screws, while others need adhesive.

For the battery, I use a higher-than-original-quality aftermarket replacement with Texas Instruments capacitors to regulate power voltage. Using tweezers, a screwdriver, and a battery-separating tool, I carefully place the new battery without connecting it to the motherboard until everything else is in place.

The home button poses another challenge. To retain the fingerprint functionality, it has to be transferred to the new screen. Broken glass shards often adhere to the adhesive under the home button, making it a delicate task. I use heat to loosen the adhesive and carefully remove the button. To reattach it, I use a mixture of slow- and fast-setting industrial glue.

The screen has to be secured to the frame with utmost precision. I prep the frame with an adhesion promoter and apply industrial-strength glue, followed by a few drops of superglue for a quick set before clamping it down. Dust and fingerprints are the enemies of a perfect repair; even the tiniest speck can ruin the entire job. I take extreme care to keep the screen pristine before sealing it.

Clamps are used to secure everything together, ensuring an airtight seal. Normally, the clamps would need to stay on for days, but the superglue reduces the wait time to just 20 minutes. This particular repair demands much more effort than the average iPad restoration, but I am gratified to see the device come back to life.

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As I look at the fully restored iPad, I can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love my work. “My name’s Abdullah Kabani,” I say, turning to the camera, “and this is how we professionally restore iPads. Thanks for watching. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for more repair guides. See you next time!”

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