HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Season 2 Episode 4 Breakdown & Ending Explained – Connection to Fire & Blood

Dueling dragons, epic battles, and a subtle reminder never to take drinks from a stranger—Episode 204 of House of the Dragon is here with one of the most anticipated entries of the season. In this video, we’ll dive deep i

nto the episode, its connection to the book, and explore topics such as what happened to Aegon, Daemon’s connection to Alys Rivers, and the aftermath of Rhaenyra’s revelation to Alicent. You’re going to want to sip some tea for this! Keep in mind there won’t be any spoilers from the book beyond this episode, with a minor exception at the very end, but I’ll give you a warning. Now, make sure to like and subscribe; things are about to get hot!

For those of you keeping a watchful eye on the intro credit sequence, unfortunately, we don’t have any new additions to the tapestry like we saw last week. However, after this episode’s climactic finish, I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll see some new additions.

Our episode aptly begins with Daemon looking upon the Iron Throne, with King’s Landing firmly under the control of Aegon. We can immediately tell this is some sort of dream—notice how there’s no statue of King Viserys, which we saw was added to the hall in Episode 1. This is the throne room as Daemon remembers it. Daemon dreams this all the way in the ruined stronghold of Harrenhal, whose spires were melted by the dragon Balerion over a century ago. This isn’t the first time he’s experienced these odd dreams; last episode, he dreamt of young Rhaenyra chastising him for having to clean up all his messes. That is, before he woke up outside of a… Alys Rivers, telling him he’s going to die in this place. We have a lot to talk about her.

This dream also features young Rhaenyra, although this time she’s wearing her adult outfit and her father’s crown—something we never saw her wear as a youngster. She speaks High Valyrian, a now-dead language which originated in Old Valyria. Those who know its tongue are mainly scholars, Targaryens, and the Red Priests of Asshai, which leads me to Alys Rivers. Last episode, I mentioned the theory that she could be the Red Priestess Melisandre from Game of Thrones. Melisandre is fluent in High Valyrian, as we saw her speak it multiple times to Thoros, but this still begs the question: is Alys controlling what Daemon sees, or are these merely the hallucinations of a man who’s been drugged by one of her potions?

Rhaenyra tells Daemon that he is set on destroying her, “all because your brother loved me more than he did you.” While he may not be set on destroying her, Viserys’s love for his daughter over Daemon is a hard pill for him to swallow. Time and time again, we saw how Daemon yearned for the love and acceptance of his older brother, so there’s a bit of truth to what Rhaenyra is saying here. In his rage, he cuts off her head. Now, this is where things get really weird, and I’m going to need your help. Who speaks this next line? I’m going to play it for you, so listen carefully. Is it young Rhaenyra, who was just beheaded, by the way, or is it Alys Rivers speaking to Daemon through this dream? I’ve listened to this a dozen times, and it really sounds like it could be the actress who plays Melisandre. Anyways, it’s kind of crazy—let me know what you think in the comments.

The line itself is a projection of what Alys thinks Daemon always wanted: to be king. Later in the episode, she’ll remark on how it must be difficult for him to give obeisance to one who replaced him as heir, and she asks if it pleases him that Rhaenyra’s legitimacy is contested. Upon waking from his dream, he’ll see blood on his hands, but it’s blood that actually isn’t there. Was this merely a figment of Daemon’s imagination, or can Alys actually control what he sees even in a non-dream state?

Simon Strong, the castellan of Harrenhal, wakes Daemon, alerting him that a raven has arrived. We’ll later learn that Rhaenyra’s Grand Maester Gerardys has sent several ravens to Harrenhal inquiring about Daemon’s progress, all of which have gone unanswered—something Alys surmises is a result of him still quarreling with Rhaenyra. I think there’s a part of Daemon that wants to make Rhaenyra sweat a little bit, make him show her how important and valuable he really is. This is the same tactic he used taking the Stepstones in his brother’s name. Simon updates Daemon on the war: Criston Cole and his army have taken over Rosby and Stokeworth without siege and amalgamated their armies into his own. In the books, Lords Rosby and Stokeworth, who were loyal to Rhaenyra, were imprisoned at the Red Keep the night of Aegon’s death and forced to swear fealty to Aegon or die. Now, to prove their loyalty, they will join forces against Rhaenyra. I also love this little detail that in the upcoming Battle of Rook’s Rest, it is Rosby and Stokeworth troops who are the first to be sent out to die while most of the Hightower and Targaryens chill in the back.

Daemon, however, does not know where Criston, or as he likes to call him, Crisen, will strike next. The logical move is Harrenhal due to its strategic position and Daemon’s lack of an army. This is why Daemon has requested the presence of Lord Grover Tully, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. Did any of you catch this weird shot of a black goat? It was a conscious decision on the part of the writers to put this in there, so it has to have some significance. Black goats are often symbolic of the occult and witchcraft, of which Alys in the books is referenced as a witch. They are also ill omens of evil and misfortune, and misfortune is in Daemon’s future when Lord Grover Tully is unable to make his request, as we’ll learn from his grandson, Oscar. His grandsire is incapacitated and on the brink of death. Fun fact: the Tullys are all named after Muppets. Daemon says Oscar the Grouch Tully should just kill his grandsire and take over so he can actually get things done, because if Oscar can’t make decisions for his men, then he’s about as useful to Daemon as a fish with its head cut off. Daemon requires men of action, thus he calls for the leader of House Blackwood. House Blackwood and Bracken have already started fighting, as we saw the aftermath of the Battle of the Burning Mill last episode.

Rhaenyra heads down to the docks in search of Corlys when she finds Addam of Hull, the man who saved her husband from drowning at sea. This is an extremely odd conversation, and with the following bits of information, something becomes quite clear. I don’t consider this a spoiler, considering the vast amount of clues we’re given. Rhaenyra calls Addam “clay,” another word for attractive, says his mother must have been beautiful. Corlys did not mention it was Addam who saved his life. Corlys has kept him hidden instead of honored. Finally, Addam’s brother, Alyn, said Corlys owes both of them. If it isn’t apparent, Addam and Alyn are the bastard children of Corlys Velaryon. This is why he’s wanted to keep them hidden, why Addam appears resentful, and why Alyn says he owes them. Rhaenyra is no fool and isn’t oblivious to Corlys’s philandering past. Remember, this was a guy who spent years out at sea, so who knows what he was up to.

Meanwhile, in King’s Landing, Alicent holds on to the dragon figurine she gifted Viserys way back in Season 1, Episode 2. This is the first time we’ve seen Alicent since the big revelation that Viserys never wanted Aegon to be king, so obviously she has Viserys on her mind. The dropping of the figurine is definitely not a good omen. Grand Maester Orwyle arrives, having brewed moon tea—a medicinal herbal tea used to abort pregnancies. We saw Rhaenyra given some after her affair with Criston Cole, so it’s kind of ironic that Alicent takes some after hers. It was also moon tea that Alicent gave the servant girl Diana, who we saw as a server at the tavern, after she was raped by Aegon. Of course, Alicent says this tea isn’t for her, but we’ll later see her down it in secret as she holds on to her stomach. Alicent spends most of the episode drinking, wanting to drown out the feelings of what she has just done—both her misinterpretation of Viserys’s wishes and this unborn child.

The Black Council convenes without the leadership of Rhaenyra. She has kept her trip to King’s Landing a secret—a trip which would take several days by sea, considering she can’t use her dragon. We’ve already seen how the Black Council has been chomping at the bit for war, but with Daemon and now Rhaenyra gone, as well as Criston Cole’s army on the move, things are looking dire. And dire it is, as Criston’s army has overtaken the home of House

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