Samsung has just dropped a slew of new gadgets, including new phones, watches, buds, and even a ring! I got my hands on all of them, so let me walk you through everything that’s new.

Galaxy Flip 6

Starting with the Galaxy Flip 6, the most noticeable change is its slightly improved design, featuring elegant ring accents around the camera. It’s also been flattened out, giving it a sleeker look and a more premium feel, reminiscent of the S24 Ultra. Holding it feels great thanks to its sharper edges.

When you open it up, you’ll see that the main screen has also received an upgrade. The crease is now less noticeable, making it one of the best foldable screens Samsung has ever made. The screen can reach up to 2,600 nits in brightness, making it one of the brightest foldables in the world.

Under the hood, the Flip 6 has some exciting new AI features. One standout is the Portrait Studio, which offers four different art styles for your selfies. The AI scans your face and generates portraits in the style you pick. It works with any portrait picture, so you can create cool profile pictures or stickers of your friends and family.

Another fun feature is the Sketch to Image tool in the side panel. You can draw something—like my attempt at a cat—and the AI will generate an artwork that looks surprisingly good. It even knew my doodle was a cat without any prompt!

The Compose feature is another useful addition. It helps you write anything by choosing the type of tone you want—professional, casual, or polite. Just click generate, and the Flip 6 will create a tailored message for you. The Interpreter feature now works with the main cover screen, translating spoken words into text for easy communication.

The cover screen itself got an upgrade with Live Interactive Wallpapers that react to your movements or touch. The camera on the Flip 6 is now a whopping 50 megapixels, a significant improvement from the 12 megapixels on the Flip 5. This makes it perfect for selfies and group shots.

Galaxy Fold 6

Moving on to the Galaxy Fold 6, I was impressed by its new squared-off design. The camera design looks more premium with new accents around it. The Fold 6 is also lighter, almost as light as the S24 Ultra, making it comfortable to hold.

The cover screen is slightly larger and more proportional. Inside, the screen is wider and shorter, almost square, and reaches the same 2,600 nits of brightness. The crease is still noticeable, but the screen’s overall quality is a step up.

The Fold 6 shares many features with the Flip 6 but integrates them better thanks to the S Pen. The Sketch to Image feature is enhanced by the larger screen and the S Pen, making it easier to create detailed drawings. You can even use the S Pen to add elements to photos, which the AI will incorporate into your image.

Galaxy Watch Ultra and Watch 7

Next, we have the new watches. The Galaxy Watch 7 is quite similar to its predecessors, with minimal updates. But the Galaxy Watch Ultra is something entirely new. It features a rugged design with an orange accent color, which is highly visible and perfect for outdoor activities. The watch is made of titanium, making it super tough.

The Ultra comes with a new customizable action button, a unique watch face, and a night mode that turns the display red to be easier on the eyes. It also has an adjustable multiport mode, allowing you to add and adjust the distance for up to three different sports. Plus, all the pinch gestures from the Watch 7 are included.

Interestingly, the Watch Ultra replaces the Watch Classic and Watch Pro. It comes in three frame colors, is water-resistant up to 100 meters, and has a brightness of 3,000 nits. It’s also cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra, making it a compelling option.

Galaxy Ring

Now, let’s talk about the Galaxy Ring. This sleek device comes in a glossy see-through case and is made from titanium. It charges wirelessly and lasts around seven days per charge. The case can be charged via USB-C or wirelessly, even using your phone’s Wireless PowerShare feature.

The ring is packed with sensors to track your sleep, heart rate, temperature, and exercises. It also has gestures, allowing you to pinch to turn off an alarm or snap a picture with your phone’s camera. The Find My Ring feature lets you track it if it gets lost, making it the only health ring with this capability.

The ring comes in nine sizes and three colors—gold, black, and silver. Pairing it with a Galaxy watch saves battery life and provides more accurate tracking data. It’s thin and comfortable, so you quickly forget you’re wearing it.

Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

Finally, we have the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. These have been completely redesigned, from the case to the earbuds themselves. The new design includes a clear lid and colored blades on the earbuds, which light up and indicate battery percentage.

The sound quality is something I need to test further, but they come with features like active noise cancellation, intelligent sound, and a new AI interpreter for real-time language translation. They also support wireless charging and have about six hours of continuous playtime.


Samsung’s new lineup is packed with exciting features and improvements. The Galaxy Flip 6 and Fold 6 bring refined designs and innovative AI tools. The Watch Ultra stands out with its rugged design and customizable features. The Galaxy Ring offers a sleek, sensor-packed experience without a subscription. The Buds 3 Pro introduce a fresh design and new capabilities.

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