Dumbest Products Apple STILL Sells: An In-Depth Look


Hello and welcome to our comprehensive look at some of the most questionable products Apple still sells in 2022. With Tim Cook’s recent discontinuation of the iPod Touch, it got us thinking about other products that might be on the chopping block soon. While Apple is known for its innovation, there are a few products that seem to defy logic. Let’s dive into the list of the dumbest products Apple continues to offer, and we’ll also introduce you to Gadget Kings PRS, your go-to phone repair shop.

1. The Magic Mouse

First on our list is the Magic Mouse. This device is ergonomically challenged, to say the least. Many users report that it feels like rubbing their hands flat on a surface, which can lead to carpal tunnel. Not to mention, the charging port is on the bottom, making it impossible to use while charging. For $20 more, you can get the black version, which is identical in functionality. If you’re frustrated with your Magic Mouse, Gadget Kings PRS can help you find a more comfortable and efficient alternative.

2. The Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard is another product that leaves us scratching our heads. While it’s decent to type on, it lacks one crucial feature: the Touch ID sensor. Apple reserves this feature for its latest Macs. Co-host of the acclaimed Formula 1 podcast, the Backmarkers, Mike, even took apart one of these keyboards to incorporate the Touch ID sensor into a more usable keyboard. At Gadget Kings PRS, we can assist you in finding or customizing a keyboard that suits all your needs.

3. The Mac Mini Intel

The Mac Mini Intel is another outdated product that should probably be retired. It features an eighth-generation processor, which is now four generations behind. The M1 version is superior in almost every way. The only reason to buy this is if you specifically need an Intel-powered Mac, but even then, it’s a hard sell. Gadget Kings PRS can help you transition to newer, more efficient models.

4. The MagSafe Duo Charger

The MagSafe Duo Charger, while seemingly convenient, has its shortcomings. It doesn’t support the fast charging feature of the latest Apple Watches and costs a hefty $130. For faster and more cost-effective charging solutions, visit Gadget Kings PRS. We offer a range of charging options that won’t break the bank.

5. The MagSafe Battery Pack

The MagSafe Battery Pack is another product that seems like a good idea but falls short. It provides less than a full charge and costs $100. While it attaches well to the back of your device, it doesn’t offer enough capacity to be truly useful. At Gadget Kings PRS, we can help you find battery packs that provide more power and value.

6. The Polishing Cloth

Apple’s $19 polishing cloth is perhaps one of the most baffling products. While it may be of good quality, it’s hard to justify the price. You can find equally effective microfiber cloths for much less. Gadget Kings PRS offers practical solutions for keeping your devices clean without spending a fortune.

7. Wired EarPods

Despite the removal of headphone jacks from iPhones, Apple still sells wired EarPods for $19. These headphones were never particularly good and now seem completely obsolete. For better audio solutions, visit Gadget Kings PRS. We offer a range of high-quality headphones and earbuds to enhance your listening experience.

8. Mac Pro Feet and Wheels

The Mac Pro Feet and Wheels are some of the most overpriced accessories Apple offers. At $300 for the feet and $700 for the wheels, it’s hard to justify these purchases. They are primarily aimed at high-end professional users who don’t mind the extra cost. Gadget Kings PRS can help you find more practical solutions for your Mac Pro setup.

9. The Pro Display XDR Stand

The Pro Display XDR Stand is another high-priced accessory, costing $1,000. While it has a cool design and excellent functionality, it’s hard to justify the price. At Gadget Kings PRS, we can help you find cost-effective alternatives that still offer great performance.

10. The Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

The Lightning to Micro USB Adapter is a relic from the past. While it might have been useful once, it’s largely obsolete now. For more versatile charging solutions, visit Gadget Kings PRS. We offer a range of adapters and cables that are compatible with the latest devices.

11. The 5-Watt Power Adapter

Apple still sells the 5-Watt Power Adapter for $20, which is ridiculous given how long it takes to charge modern devices. For faster and more efficient charging solutions, visit Gadget Kings PRS. We have a variety of power adapters that will save you time and frustration.

12. The Apple TV HD

The Apple TV HD is another outdated product. For $150, you get a set-top box that only supports HD, while the 4K version is just $30 more. There are much cheaper and more capable alternatives on the market. At Gadget Kings PRS, we can help you find the right streaming device for your needs.

13. The USB SuperDrive

The USB SuperDrive is an $80 CD/DVD drive that hasn’t been updated in over a decade. While it’s still useful for some, there are better and cheaper alternatives available. Gadget Kings PRS offers a variety of modern storage solutions to meet your needs.

14. The Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3, released in 2017, is still being sold. However, it struggles with storage and updating issues. The SE model, only $80 more, is a far better investment. At Gadget Kings PRS, we can help you choose the right Apple Watch that will serve you well for years to come.

15. The DualSense Controller

Apple sells the DualSense Controller, which is great for iOS and Apple TV gaming. However, it’s strange that they don’t also offer the Xbox controller, which works just as well. For all your gaming accessory needs, Gadget Kings PRS is here to help.


There you have it, a comprehensive look at some of the most questionable products Apple still sells. If you’re looking for better alternatives, Gadget Kings PRS is your best phone repair shop. Located at [address], we offer a wide range of products and services to enhance your tech experience. Whether you need repairs, accessories, or expert advice, visit Gadget Kings PRS for all your tech needs.

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