Detailed Step-by-Step Guide: Samsung S20 Plus 5G Screen Replacement

Welcome back to another Gadget Kings video! In this video, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to replace the screen on a Samsung S20 Plus 5G. If you’re planning to undertake this job yourself, we recommend watching the video in full before trying it out. For a list of tools and equipment used in this video, please check out the description below. Now, let’s get started!

Preparing the Phone

To start off, we need to remove the glass back cover from the back of the phone. We’ll be using a heat mat for this, but you can also use a hair dryer or a heat gun. However, the heat mat is recommended. Set the heat mat at 70 degrees Celsius and place the phone on it for about five minutes. Once the phone is warm to the touch, we’ll use a razor blade to create a very small gap between the back cover and the midframe chassis. Add a couple of drops of isopropyl alcohol into the gap to help loosen the adhesive.

Next, we’ll take an iFixit guitar pick and begin creating a larger gap in the back cover. If you meet any resistance while trying to remove the back cover, add another couple of drops of isopropyl alcohol. Work your way around the edges of the phone, carefully cutting away the adhesive. Once you’ve cut away three edges, you should be able to open the device like a book. Set the back cover aside and remove the phone from the heat mat.

Removing Internal Components

Now that we’re inside the device, we need to remove all the cross-head screws securing the plastic shields, cameras, and other hardware. All the screws on the back cover are the same size, so don’t worry if you mix them up a little bit. Start by removing the 10 screws holding down the top shield area, then move down to the bottom of the phone and remove the five screws holding down the loudspeaker and charge port.

With all the screws removed, we’ll go back to the top of the device and begin lifting the metal shield as well as the plastic shield. There is a flex cable attached to the logic board for the wireless charging coil. Before disconnecting this, use a plastic spudger to disconnect the battery first to isolate power from the device. Then, disconnect the flex cable for the wireless charging coil and lift it out. Leave the sticker attached to the bottom shield and use tweezers to carefully pry the loudspeaker and plastic shield away from the phone.

Removing the Logic Board and Battery

Next, we need to remove the logic board from the chassis of the device. It’s held down by one screw in the bottom left area of the board. Use a plastic spudger to disconnect the front camera, followed by the display cable and the volume button cable. There’s no need to disconnect these two cables as we’ll take them out connected all together. Moving down to the bottom of the phone, there are two cross-head screws on either side of the USB-C port and one more just to the right. Remove these screws to release the sub-board.

Back up at the top of the phone, remove the SIM tray before lifting out the main board. Use a prying tool below the cameras to lift the board away from the chassis. Keep all components connected to facilitate the reinstallation process.

Removing and Replacing the Screen

Apply isopropyl alcohol around the battery to help soften the adhesive holding it down. Set this aside for a minute. We now have our new screen and chassis, which comes with the front camera attached as well as the ear speaker, but no vibration motor. We’ll need to transfer the vibration motor from the old screen. Add a drop of isopropyl alcohol under the adhesive of the vibration motor and use tweezers to carefully pry it out.

Install the vibration motor into the new screen and chassis. While waiting for the adhesive on the battery to soften, remove all the plastic films from the back of the new display. The easiest way to remove the battery from the old phone is with a suction cup. Once the isopropyl alcohol has soaked in, use the suction cup to lift the battery out of the chassis. This method reduces the risk of damage compared to using a plastic or metal tool.

Reassembling the Phone

Start reassembling the phone by placing the original battery into the new chassis, followed by the main board. It’s easiest to get this in if you fold back the front camera cable and the volume button cable a little bit. Install the top of the logic board first, then apply pressure to the bottom. Re-secure the single cross-head screw in the bottom left of the board, followed by connecting the display connector to its right FPC and the front camera connector. Re-secure the volume and power button flex cable.

Move back down to the bottom of the phone and re-secure the sub-board into place, followed by the three cross-head screws. Next, reattach the plastic shields and the wireless charging coil. Fold over the metal and plastic shield and re-secure the 10 screws back into place. Re-secure the loudspeaker and support plastic shield by applying pressure to the edges and clipping it back into place, then secure the five screws that hold it in place.

Final Steps

Finally, reattach the glass back cover by aligning it on one edge first for proper alignment, then apply pressure to all four edges. Turn the phone on and test functionality before returning it to the customer. There may be a plastic film that looks a bit bubbly and dirty, but underneath, the phone is spotless and looking fresh.

Professional Repair Services

If you find these steps daunting or lack the necessary tools, consider getting your phone repaired by professionals. Gadget Kings offers expert repair services for all types of phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S20+. They provide high-quality repairs and ensure your phone is restored to its optimal condition. Visit their website at Gadget Kings to learn more about their services.

And that’s how we replace the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!

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