Check out the exciting new features in Apple’s iOS 18 – you won’t want to miss them!

some of which are hidden gems that significantly enhance the user experience. Here are ten of the best-hidden features that you might have missed.


### 1. Lock Any App with Face ID

One of the most anticipated features is the ability to lock individual apps using Face ID. Previously, users had to rely on shortcuts, but now you can lock any app directly. Simply long-press the app, select “Require Face ID,” and every time you open the app, it will prompt for Face ID.

### 2. Hide Apps Completely

iOS 18 allows users to hide any app so thoroughly that it won’t show up in searches or notifications. Hidden apps are only accessible from a special section in the App Library. To hide an app, long-press it, select “Require Face ID,” and then enable “Hide.” The app will disappear from all regular views, ensuring maximum privacy.

### 3. Redesign ed Control Center

The Control Center has received a major overhaul. By swiping from the top right corner, you now have more organized menus. Swiping down reveals separate menus for audio, Wi-Fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, and other settings, making it easier to access frequently used features.

### 4. Customizable Lock Screen Icons

iOS 18 introduces the ability to customize the lock screen icons. Previously fixed to camera and flashlight, you can now add any shortcut or app. Simply hold and press to customize, choose your desired icons, and place them on the lock screen for quick access.

### 5. Home Screen and App Icon Customization

A new customization menu allows users to modify the home screen and app icons extensively. You can change themes, set icons to large sizes (removing text labels), and freely arrange icons to better showcase wallpapers.

### 6. Adjustable Flashlight

The flashlight feature now includes two new settings: brightness and beam width. You can make the flashlight brighter or dimmer and adjust the beam width to cover a larger area or focus on a smaller spot, adding versatility to this essential tool.

### 7. Advanced Calculator

The calculator app has been revamped, providing access to past calculations and a scientific calculator. By rotating your device, you can switch to a more advanced interface that includes graphing capabilities and mathematical conversions. The Notes app also integrates with the calculator, allowing for handwritten equations that the app can solve and format automatically.

### 8. Smart Script in Notes

Smart Script is a game-changer for those who take handwritten notes. This feature corrects spelling mistakes in your handwriting and can even convert typed text into your handwriting style. It learns your handwriting over time, ensuring that your notes are always legible and personalized.

### 9. App Icon Drag and Drop

iOS 18 allows you to place app icons anywhere on the home screen, a feature many users have been longing for. This freedom lets you arrange icons to reveal more of your wallpaper, especially useful if you have a personalized background image.

### 10. Button Animation

A subtle but delightful addition is the new animation for side buttons. The volume and lock buttons now feature a smooth animation when pressed, adding a touch of elegance to everyday interactions.

These hidden features in iOS 18 significantly enhance the user experience, offering more customization, privacy, and functionality. Whether it’s securing apps with Face ID, hiding apps completely, or enjoying the new button animations, iOS 18 is packed with useful updates that make using your iPhone more enjoyable than ever.

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