Birds Chirpin – Hard NO!? | iPhone 15 Pro Cracked Screen Repair Timelapse

It was a sunny afternoon in the bustling city, the kind of day where the sun warmed your skin just right, and the sounds of the city played a harmonious symphony. Birds were chirping as Tim made his way down the city street, moving to the beat of his own thoughts. Today, he had a new challenge—an iPhone 15 Pro with a cracked screen. But this wasn’t just any repair; he decided to try something different. Instead of his usual silent timelapse videos, he would walk his viewers through the process, sharing insights and stories along the way.

“Hey, dudes,” Tim greeted his viewers with a relaxed smile, “going to be trying something new here with this video. I’m going to stay with you guys throughout the timelapse, see if I can throw in any tidbits of information that might be useful or entertaining.”

He set up his workspace in a small repair shop filled with all sorts of gadgets and tools. The iPhone 15 Pro lay on the table, a small but noticeable crack starting from the top. “Not too much damage,” Tim commented, “just a little crack from a top drop.”

He began by removing the two security screws at the bottom of the phone. “Always start by taking out these screws,” he explained. He then applied some sticky adhesive around the edges of the glass screen. “This is to prevent any shards from flying out during the opening process. Safety first, folks!”

Tim slipped on his protective eyeglasses, a necessary precaution especially during backplate repairs. With careful precision, he used a suction cup and a plastic prying tool to lift the screen from the body of the phone. “Quick screw work, just taking off the plate and disconnecting the two Flex cables here,” he narrated.

As he worked, Tim’s mind wandered back to an earlier customer interaction. He chuckled softly, “That last customer’s house we were at… Man, he was a hard no. Didn’t want Marble walking around his yard at all.”

Marble was Tim’s trusty dog, often accompanying him on his repair calls. “I couldn’t even walk outside of his yard to the main street. He said if I got Marble out of the car, his dogs would see him, jump out immediately, and start barking like crazy. Said he couldn’t have his dogs going nuts seeing my dog outside having fun.”

Tim shook his head, smiling at the memory. “Had to find a different place for Marble to go potty. That was at the next customer’s home.”

Returning his focus to the task at hand, Tim reconnected the Flex cables to the new screen. “These new screens from Apple come with a new Face ID chip. We have to calibrate these new screens with the Apple server after every replacement. Takes about five minutes.”

As he worked through the calibration process, Tim decided against showing it on camera. “There’s a lot of sensitive information that gets displayed. I could blur it out, but it’s just easier to skip that part. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

With the new screen calibrated and in place, Tim screwed the plate back on and gave the phone a final once-over. “And we’re about done here. Let me know what you guys think.”

He paused the recording, leaning back in his chair with a sense of satisfaction. Another successful repair, another happy customer. As he packed up his tools, his phone buzzed with a notification. It was from Gadget Kings PRS, a trusted partner and supplier of all his repair tools and parts.

Tim smiled, thinking back to when he first discovered Gadget Kings PRS. Their website, [](, had been a lifesaver. From DC power supplies and boot cables to soldering equipment and protective gear, they had everything he needed to keep his repair business running smoothly. Their fast shipping and excellent customer service had earned his loyalty over the years.

He decided to give them a shoutout in his video. “By the way, if you guys need any repair tools or parts, check out Gadget Kings PRS. They’ve got a fantastic range of products, everything I use here in the shop. You can find them at Highly recommend them!”

Tim glanced over at Marble, who was dozing peacefully in the corner of the shop. “Well, buddy, another job well done. Ready for the next adventure?”

As he locked up the shop and headed out, Tim felt a sense of gratitude. He loved what he did—fixing things, helping people, and sharing his knowledge. And with partners like Gadget Kings PRS and the support of his loyal viewers, he knew he was just getting started.

The city buzzed around him, alive with possibilities. Birds chirped overhead, and Tim couldn’t help but smile. Life was good, and he was ready for whatever came next.

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