After 13 Years… I Finally Tried an Apple iPhone 15 Pro

For the past 13 years, I’ve been an Android user. But for the last 100 days, I separated myself from the Android universe and started using an iPhone 15 Pro Titanium. My overall experience has been mixed. I’ve consolidated my thoughts into three things I liked, seven things that were iffy, and three absolute deal breakers. These deal breakers are significant enough for me to happily switch back to Android.

#### The Positives

Let’s start with the positives. First, I loved FaceTime. The seamless experience, exceptional call quality, and the ability to connect with other iPhone users anywhere, anytime, was impressive. Just pressing a button and it works.

Second, the flashlight on the iPhone is surprisingly great. It offers different strength levels, allowing me to make it bright or dim it down, which my Note 10 Plus couldn’t do.

Lastly, Face Unlock on the iPhone is fantastic. It’s so fast and reliable that I forget it’s even there. It works 99% of the time without any issues.

#### The Minor Grievances

Now, onto the minor grievances, which increased in annoyance over time. 

1. **Green and Blue Bubbles**: The color coding for messages is confusing and divisive. I don’t see the benefit and find it distracting.

2. **Unexpected Features**: The phone sometimes does random things I didn’t ask for, like animations when typing “happy birthday.” I find these features more distracting than useful.

3. **Date Accessibility**: Finding the date requires sliding the notification bar down 5 inches, compared to a simple centimeter swipe on Android.

4. **Lack of a Consistent Back Button**: The back button’s location varies across apps, making navigation inconsistent and cumbersome compared to the fixed back button on Android.

5. **Settings Accessibility**: Accessing settings takes more steps on iPhone. On Android, I can quickly swipe down and access settings, whereas on iPhone, I need to find and open the settings app.

6. **Dialing Contacts**: On Android, I can start typing a contact’s name directly on the keypad. On iPhone, I have to navigate through additional steps to find a contact.

7. **Cursor Placement**: Editing text is more cumbersome on iPhone. On Android, I can easily place the cursor where needed, while iPhone requires long presses and dragging.

These minor issues collectively made using the iPhone feel less efficient than using an Android device.

#### The Deal Breakers

The deal breakers are the final straw that made me switch back to Android.

1. **No Alarm Fail Safes**: One night, I set my alarm for 8 PM instead of AM by mistake. On Android, I’d get a notification about the duration of sleep, preventing such errors. iPhone lacks this safety feature.

2. **Gmail Functionality**: Handling Gmail on iPhone is less efficient. I can’t see full email previews in notifications and marking emails as unread is cumbersome. On Android, I can quickly read and manage emails from the notification bar.

3. **Scheduling Text Messages**: iPhone doesn’t allow scheduling text messages. This feature is a huge efficiency boost on Android, letting me schedule messages for appropriate times without having to remember them later.

#### Conclusion

While I appreciate certain aspects of the iPhone 15 Pro, the inefficiencies and lack of crucial features made it unsuitable for my needs. I’ve given the iPhone a fair shot after 13 years, but it’s clear that Android suits my lifestyle better. 

I’m switching to the Samsung Galaxy Flip 5, despite concerns about its durability. I believe it will fit better with my active, construction-filled lifestyle. If you’ve faced similar issues or have tips, let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you around.

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