25 iPhone Tips & Tricks | YOU WISH YOU KNEW SOONER!!


Hey guys, grab your iPhones because I’ve got 25 super useful tips and tricks that you probably forgot about or never even knew existed! Let’s dive in.

1. Quick Share via Screenshot

Imagine you’re scrolling through Instagram and stumble upon a hilarious picture you want to share. Just screenshot it, tap and hold on that screenshot, swipe up to go into another app like WhatsApp, drop it directly into your chat, and hit send. This also works with photos from your photo app—just tap, hold, and swipe up to open WhatsApp, then drop and send. Simple, right?

2. Secret Menu with Back Button

When you’re navigating through any app like Notes, Settings, or even the Health app, and want to go back, just tap and hold the back button. A secret menu will pop up, allowing you to jump back to any previous page. This also works in Chrome and Safari for web pages.

3. Status Bar Jump

Been scrolling endlessly? Instead of scrolling all the way back up, just touch anywhere on the status bar, and you’ll instantly jump back to the top. This works in almost every app like YouTube, Spotify, and Safari.

4. Shake to Undo

If you’ve been typing a message or editing a photo and want to undo your action, just shake your phone, click undo, and it’s done. This feature works in multiple places on your phone, including the home screen if you accidentally move an app.

5. Three-Finger Gestures

To quickly share a picture, use three fingers to pinch on the screen to copy it. Then, go into another app like WhatsApp, pinch out with three fingers, and it’ll paste instantly. This also works with text—it’s faster than using the share sheet.

6. Keyboard Tricks

Hold down the space bar to move the cursor around. While holding it down, tap anywhere on the keyboard to start selecting text, and tap again when done. For special characters or numbers, press and hold the special character key, select what you need, then let go and continue typing. Tap twice to select a word or thrice for a paragraph. Holding down a letter shows special characters, including currency symbols.

7. Markup Tool for Perfect Shapes

Draw any shape with the markup tool, then pause at the end, and your iPhone will automatically fix it. This works in Photos, Notes, Mail, and even on screenshots.

8. Quick Calculations

Need to do a quick calculation? Just type it in the search bar like “25 – 7” and it’ll give you the answer.

9. Move Multiple Apps

Instead of moving apps one by one, tap and hold on a few to stack them up and move them together. If you make a mistake, shake your phone to undo.

10. Voice Control

You can control your phone with your voice by enabling Voice Control in Accessibility Settings. Click the side button three times, say “Open Photos,” and bam, it’s open. You can ask it to show control commands too.

11. Quick Burst Photos

In Camera settings, turn on “Use Volume Up for Burst.” Now, hold the volume up button to rapidly take photos, and you can choose the best one later in the Photos app.

12. Block Spam Calls

To avoid spam calls, use a service like Incog. It removes your personal information from the internet, protecting you from scams and unwanted calls. Sign up at Incog and use the code “hailes” for 60% off your first year.

13. Magic with Siri

Hold down the side button and say “Lumos” to turn on the flashlight, and “Nox” to turn it off. You can also use commands like “Hey Siri, open Spotify” to quickly open apps.

14. Measure and Level

The Measure app uses your camera to measure objects and also has a leveling tool, perfect for hanging pictures or mounting a TV.

15. Weather App Map

Tap the map icon in the Weather app to see an interactive map with wind speeds, temperatures, and rain levels around the globe.

16. Visual Lookup for Recipes

In the Photos app, swipe up on a picture of a meal and tap the visual lookup icon to find recipes for that dish.

17. Timer to Stop Music/Video

Set a timer in the Clock app, choose “Stop Playing” under “When Timer Ends,” and your phone will stop playing music or videos when the timer goes off.

18. Quick Timer Set

Press and hold the timer icon in the Control Center to set a timer quickly.

19. Background Sounds for Focus

In the Control Center, tap and hold the ear icon, then turn on Background Sounds to help you focus, study, or sleep better.

20. Back Tap Customization

Enable Back Tap in Accessibility Settings to customize double-tap and triple-tap actions, like taking a screenshot or locking your screen.

21. Custom Ringtones and Vibrations

Set custom ringtones and vibration patterns for contacts in the Contacts app. You can even create unique vibration patterns.

22. Full-Page Screenshots

In Safari or Chrome, take a screenshot, open it, and switch to “Full Page” to save the entire web page. You can then copy text from it later.

23. Video Text Selection

Pause a video in the Photos app, tap and hold on any text in the video, and select it to copy.

24. Close Multiple Apps

Instead of closing apps one by one, swipe up with three fingers to close three apps at once.

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These tips are sure to make your iPhone experience even better. Don’t forget to subscribe for more awesome tips and tricks! See you in the next one! Turtles!

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