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 The Dilemma of Phone Repairs: Explained**

In front of me, I have three iPhone 15s. Oh God, oh my God, oh my God, ouch! Oh, I hate this, I hate this. Now, why did I do that? That was extremely painful and stupid. Well, you might want to cover your eyes for this one because it’s about to get worse. This is essentially the sharpest pick that I own, so let’s use it to carve my favorite song lyrics ever into the back of each one.

“Never gone perfect.” Now for number two. There we go, gently does it. And number three. I’m trying to match them as closely as possible. Finished! So, what I’ve done here is strategically destroyed each one of these iPhones using the same amount of force in the same places on both the front and the back so that we can answer a very important question: who should you be getting to repair your phone?

Let’s call this one Phone Number One. I’ve set a nice cheap-looking green background to represent the fact that this one we’re going to get repaired from literally whoever will take the least amount of money. Phone Two, this middle yellow one, is going to be repaired by someone who I think is charging a fair price. Then, I’m going to set a deep red wallpaper for Phone Three because this one is going directly to Apple and it’s probably going to be expensive. So, we’re going to be able to see how the entire experience works: who does it the cheapest and who does it the best.

Okay, so Step One is we make some phone calls. So, what are the local options in my city? These are the kind of places that I imagine will hopefully be cheaper than Apple. Okay, let’s start with Phone Garage.


“Hey, I have just managed to smash my iPhone 15 in a pretty brutal way. Would you be able to repair it?”

“Yes, you can do that. It’s nearly $320 for the screen of the iPhone 15 and if you want the genuine one, $180. And then also about the back plate because I’ve scratched up the back of the phone as well, $75 extra.”

“How quickly would you be able to repair it?”

“Take like 4 to 5 hours, but only half an hour.”

It’s very interesting that this guy’s saying the official Apple screen is going to cost me £320 for a phone that I only bought for £699. But it is cool that he gave us that cheaper option of £180 and then £75 for the back. That’s closer to what I imagine it actually should cost for the original parts. But then I found someone willing to go even further.

“You know the ones which don’t actually have a website but just like a really poorly kept Facebook page? If anyone’s going to do a cheap rep, I think it’s going to be these guys. £180. I can give you screen protection free. We don’t change only back glass; we change full housing. But what that means is I’m going to have to get the front repaired from this guy and then the back repaired from the first place.”

And that will be a non-genuine screen quality is very good, same as the original. Thank you very much.

So, £180 for the screen, which he’s saying is original Apple quality without being original Apple. He’ll throw in a screen protector for free so that I don’t do it again to myself. And then if I have any problems with it, he’ll fix it. Although we do need to find out exactly how long that warranty period would last for.

So, E-Mobile Repair is going to be our cheapest option. Well, wait, the dude’s already sent me a text. That is absolutely crazy! You know, in this year, after your first date, you should wait a couple of days before texting. This guy was just straight in!

Now, on my route to finding a fair middle ground repair option, I ended up having an extremely interesting chat with a not Apple, but supposedly Apple-certified repair center.

“Thank you for calling. A genuine Apple replacement screen is £300. On those, the third-party screens, they don’t really do one for the 15. There is the odd ones about, but they will not do very good at all.”

“Has Apple changed something on the 15 that makes them less repairable?”

“Yes, it’s hardware locks on stuff, so things are paired up to them now. If you tip the camera out of another iPhone 15 original one, put it into your phone, the camera won’t work at all.”

“What some of them do to try and falsify a little bit is detect the chip from the original screen and transfer that chip onto the replacement screen, and then it will stop the notifications coming up.”

“I’m an Apple technician but not for here. When I’m at the other shop, I can do them. That’s the shop that’s authorized. So we have to do them from that geo-location as such.”

“Oh, I see. So, Apple actually tells you where that repair can happen as well?”

“Yeah, everything’s coded. When we order the parts, they come direct to that store, and we can use them within that store, because obviously Apple would know by the IP what address where you’re doing it.”

“Wow, there’s a lot into it. They’re very clever.”

Now, I thought while we’re here, we might as well also ask this guy if he thinks Apple makes a profit on the parts it supplies to repair centers or if they’re doing it at cost.

“Oh, they’ll make a profit on them. The mid-shaft is for a genuine, they’re £439. £15 Pro Max mid-shaft is £600, and a screen is £400.”

“What? £400 just for the screen? Can that be right?”

“But also, Apple actually geo-locks the location of the repair centers that are authorized to make sure that the repair only happens in that exact location that’s been approved, right?”

“Yeah, everything’s coded. When we order the parts, they come direct to that store, and we can use them within that store, because obviously Apple would know by the IP what address where you’re doing it.”

“Wow, there’s a lot into it. They’re very clever.”

Now, I guess we have to bite the bullet and call Apple themselves.

“Okay, I think you actually have to go through their website, so they have this tool that lets you calculate, I guess.”

So, cracked screen iPhone 15, yeah, £289, and then what if the back glass is damaged? £169 is what it’s saying.

So then, I can do cracked screen and back glass damage together, and that’s going to be £399. That’s definitely cheaper than what the last guy was telling us. But it’s all just so weird how much disinformation there is between these different repair places. Anyway, it turns out there is no Apple store in my area, but it’s fine because what Apple does then is send you to a store that they’ve approved to do it on behalf of them. So, let’s call them.

“We have Apple-trained engineers, and they use all Apple-certified parts. So, it’s the same as getting it repaired through Apple themselves. Most repairs

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