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Video Title: Top 5 iPhone Repair Mistakes – How to avoid them!

Video Text:
what’s up everybody hugh jeffries here
in this video we’re going to be taking a
look at the top five
biggest iphone repair mistakes that
people make and how to avoid them when
you’re fixing your own phones
coming up
coming in at number five is poor screw
it’s vital to make sure that you
organize the screws when disassembling
an iphone
so when it comes to reassembly not only
is it a lot easier because you know
where the screws go
but you can’t cause any damage to the
device by putting the wrong screw
into the wrong hole this is a common
issue seen
on screen replacements where someone
puts the longest screw
of the metal plate into one of the
smaller screw holes
and ends up screwing that screw through
the logic board of the phone
then certain things won’t work on the
phone your phone might not even boot up
it can cause major issues and it’s
something you definitely want to avoid
so the easiest way to sort out parts and
the way that i do it is i lay the part
out on the desk
and then i put the matching screws to
that part or component
next to it so when time comes to
reassemble the item
i know exactly where the screw came from
coming in at number four
is the use of cheap or generic parts
this is a common issue that people do
they buy the cheapest knock-off thing
that they can buy
and hopefully it’s going to work as good
as the apple one well that’s just not
the case
when buying parts you want to make sure
to get known brand
or high quality replacement parts you
want to make sure it comes from an
actual company
or has a brand name on it and isn’t just
some generic part
a lot of people also go for higher
capacity gold batteries
i see that a lot in phones especially on
ebay and those
batteries are fakes they’re literally
just a sticker over
a normal battery and if you check out
the milliamp hours
in applications like coconut battery it
will report just like a normal
iphone battery number three the use of
tools and equipment
now this is also a very important thing
and a lot of people just buy the
cheapest tool kits
or use the ones that are included if
it’s a one-off repair then you can
easily get away with the cheap tool kits
screwdrivers and things that are
included with parts i used to use those
all the time
but then after upgrading to an actual
tool kit you wouldn’t believe the
difference it makes having
proper tools they’re the correct size
their quality they don’t strip screws as
and it’s just a lot nicer experience i
remember the first time i opened up the
iphone 5
i used a knife to remove the standoff
screws on the iphone 5 because i didn’t
have a proper standoff bit
or even a flathead to just rig it to
now that’s something that’s very
important and if you are doing a lot of
iphone repairs or a lot of electronic
definitely invest in a tool kit i
personally use the ifixit tool kit
but there’s many others out there and if
you don’t want to buy a tool kit some of
the most vital
uh things you need for an iphone repair
are a phillips screwdriver
pentalobe bit uh iphone standoff bit
a sim eject tool for taking out the sim
trays that’s kind of an obvious one
and some basic prying tools like a very
metal prying tool which helps pry away
things as well as some plastic
spudges to disconnect cables to avoid um
damaging anything with your big
fingernails coming in at number two is
the incorrect removal of the battery
strips they’re very strong and hold down
the battery to an extraordinary amount
of strength
they are total overkill and it’s apple’s
way of stopping you from replacing your
own battery
if you are doing a battery replacement
make sure to remove the dock connector
if you have an iphone 5s
or se and if you have an iphone 6 or
just remove the taptic engine that
should give you enough clearance to be
able to pull the battery adhesive tabs
sort of level enough and that they won’t
get caught on anything
as well as aren’t on too much of an
angle which causes too much strain on
the tab itself
and it will result in the tab breaking
if you break the tab
it’s a lot of prying and heating to try
and get that battery out so you want to
try as best you can
not to break those adhesive strips so
when you’re doing that be very careful
and gentle with those tabs as they are
very easy to break
and anyone who’s repaired an iphone has
probably had a similar experience of
those tabs breaking
and knows what it’s like to try and pry
out a battery
and coming in at number one for the
biggest iphone repair mistake
is not disconnecting the battery you
probably saw this one coming from me
because i go on about it in all of my
videos it is crucial to disconnect that
battery before proceeding
to remove the lcd or work on any other
part of the iphone
i personally know somebody who had an
iphone 6s and attempted their own
display replacement they didn’t remove
the battery or disconnect it
and when they went to plug in the new
screen because those connectors were
it shorted out and actually sparked and
fried the backlight
to the iphone basically what that means
is while the phone will still power on
you just can’t see anything on the
screen because the actual
light or the brightness is completely
gone it’s completely fried
all because the battery wasn’t
disconnected while the backlight can be
repaired by someone who can do a board
repair it’s extremely costly time
consuming and you have to find somebody
who can actually do the repair for you
so just avoid this whole problem by
disconnecting the battery
so that’s it the top five biggest iphone
repair mistakes that people make
and some of them myself have made over
the years when repairing iphones
i hope you guys found this video useful
and giving you some tips
and tricks as well as things not to do
when repairing your iphone
and on that note this has been a huge
jeffries video if you like what you saw
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just like this one that’s all for this
video and i’ll catch you guys next time

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