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iphone 15 pro max restoration. THey broke teh titanium frame.

 This iphone 15 pro max, fell out of someone’s pocket and onto a motorway while traveling 110 on a  motorcycle.

The impact was enough to snap a section of the the titanium frame clean off. I paid $ 565 australian dollar around 370 us, which is a lot for a smashed phone, even if it is the newest model, but I’m hoping if I get it working, that it will be significantly cheaper than the 2500 $ 50 of a new one. I received it packaged in its original box with accessories. ALso included was the missing section of the frame which, as we’ll soon find out, is a crucial part that will enable us to repair this device.

An impact at such speed is sure to damage any phone, but but what it’s revealed is the weak point in apple’s titanium frame the antenna lines. What is used for separating sections of the frame to improve antenna reception is also the weakest link if youre phone is to sustain a severe impact. A closer inspection has revealed a third fracture to this iphone’s frame, but what this damage has enabled is a crosssection of the iphone 15 pro frame. WE can see a millimeter or so of titanium, followed by another metal.

That is likely stainless steel, followed by a fair chunk of plastic. So while there is actual titanium here, the frame is still mostly made up of plastic, which is a common practice for most phones. THe bigger issue is, a replacement frame is over 4 $ 50 on aliexpress, and I’m certainly not paying that.

I waited a few months before finding one for just 37 that turned out to not exist and never shipped apple’s own selfservice repair store wasn’t an option at the time as they didn’t stock iphone 15 parts, but even even looking at apple’s offering today, I couldn’t find any Frames so I would have still been out of luck so for this iphone 15 proax there was no other  option but to repair this titanium frame myself, but before we can get to that, we first need to open up the phone and remove all the damaged parts, Including teh back glass front, display and charge port after a good heat on my heat plate. I could jimmy my way inside not having to worry about removing the bottom screws as the whole bottom of the phone is missing, as the glass is so badly damaged. The display doesnt lift up easily with a pick, so I carefully used my jimmy tool to work away at the screen once inside. I could proceed removing the display to do so.

I first need to remove the cing, which is secured with triwing screws before unplugging the battery nad detaching the two display cables before we proceed any further with the repair. We need to test the phone to see if it has even survived such damage, so I’ll attach a new display temporarily plugging in the usbc cable. We can see teh phone spring to life. I believe this phone is salvageable, so let’s continue wtih the repair with an unobstructed view of the internals, we can see see the full extent of the damage it’s taken out.

Small sections of the charging port, including the mounting brackets for the usbc connector, so it’ll, have to be replaced yet another part apple doesn’t currently sell on there repair store, so I’ll have to pay an extreem premium to buy one someone pulled out of their phone. its common practice for parts to be taken out of brand new phones and sold at a premium for those unfortunate enough to break their latest model devices. THis is why parts for new phones are so expensive it, but for the things apple does sell on theyre repair  store.

It does actually help reduce the cost of parts for teh newest models becuase it undercuts the people scalping parts. There is a  lot in getting this charging port out and it’s not just all the different types of screws from philips and triwing to standoff, but but the fact it’s been routed under the battery and logic board. So while we can get the cable free, we cant remove it without taking out more internals.

It’s not surprising apple doesnt offer a charge. POrt repl replacement, even  at their apple stores. too my knowledge, if youre charge port is bad apple, would replace what they call a rear system, which is essentially everything yuo see see here.

They only take the screen and camera from the old phone to completely  remove this logic. Board I’ll also need to remove the upper earpiece speaker to access the last flex, cable and screw once all the flex cables are detached. On top, I can rotate the board over and unplug the cable running to the rear glass.

With that, the logic board is now free from the phone, but what’s not is our charge port? its still stuck beneath the the battery, so that’ll have to come out.  NExt, there are some adhesive release tabs taht can be temperamental. I was able able to  free one, but the other snapped immediately, so it’s time to get into the trusty alcohol to soften the adhesive and free this battery.

Finally, we freed the charge port I’ll clean up the residual adhesive before we begin removing the back glasss I’ll, also remove the face id module so that it doesnt get damaged during the remainder of the repair as it’s linked to each specific iphone and cannot be replaced. You can see the left corner of this phone is just hanging by a thread of adhesive, it’s back to the heat plate for another round this time for the  back glass, which isn’t taht far off falling out anyway. This is the first pro model model iphone with a removable back glass panel. Previous models were essentially welded on with adhesive.

This new approach is much more manageable and repair friendly. Once I have the bulk of it removed, its just the edges that need cleaning up I’ll need to salvage the wireless charging, coil led flash and microphone from the old panel so I’ll be sure to keep it handy for reassembly time, while removing the glass the corner. Finally, let go leaving us with two pieces to reattach I’ll need to clean up the larger section taht also broke off before we begin reconstructing the frame this. This will include removing the remaining broken pieces of the charge port and the two two pentalobe screws, one of which is badly bent, we’ll need to straighten it before it can be unfastened.

Both pieces are bent out of shape, so it’s not going to be as easy as gluing them back in place, we’ll have to repair each piece. First, I used a combination of a clamp, pliers and finally, a hammer to  get them back into shape. As for theyre antenna function taht relies on the metal, not plastic, so the fact that its broken away from the phone won’t have any effect on its function.

Post repair to get the broken pieces of the frame, reattached I’ll, be using superglue, putting it where the two pieces connect when we get the rear panel and display attached, they to will be adhered to the frame. ADditionally, the charging port port will be screwed to this section of the frame with four points of contact. This repair frame shouldn’t be going anywhere under normal use. In addition to the two separated pieces, the right side of the frame has also been bent inward, so I’ll have to bend it back into place before attaching the remaining piece of the frame  to do that.

I’ll just use a pair of pliers once in the correct position. position. I can now super glue the last last piece into place. Once the initial application of glue is set, I can apply more in areas where I see fit being sure to smooth it down, so it doesnt interfere when I attach the rear glass. Now its time to test fitment wtih our new back panel looks pretty good to me.

It’s now come time to salvage what we need from the old rear, glass and install it onto the new one. IT amazes me that there are two different screw heads for something as simple as a rear panel, but nevertheless I’ll unfasten, the necessery screws and and detach the neccessary bits and weve now removed the wireless charging, coil microphone and rear flash there’s. Also some mag safe magnets. In here that I won’t be taking out as I purchase some replacements as that’s far easier than taking every individual magnet out and trying to stick it all back down again.

I have done this in the past and trust me. It’s no fun task once the magnets are in it’s time to get the flex cable attached, starting with the retaining bracket for the microphone before I can lower the whole cable assembly into place and fasten the brackets for the led, flash and microphone. THen I can go ahead and glue the wireless charging coil into place using some liquid adhesive. It’s  now time to attach the new back glass onto our repaired frame.

I wasn’t able to source an orignal back panel adhesive, but in one way that might benefit us by using the liquid glue. I have control on where I can place it, putting a bit extra at the bottom to help secure  the part of the frame weve repaired. The glass can now be placed on top being sure to properly route its cable through the midframe, as this liquid glue requires some time  to set I’ll clamp it firmly  in place and leave it for several hours once set. The clamps and rubber bands can be removed.

The downside to liquid adhesive is that it tends to be very messy, requiring the excess taht seeped out out the edges to be scraped away, but once all the excess is removed, we now have a new rear panel attached to our repaired frame and I must say the Result is looking  much better than I expected, even if it’s not factory perfect, becasue considering weve saved over $ 450 I’d call taht a win can yuo beleive this charge, port costs 60 or around 90 australian? THis exact piece for last year’s model is only $ 6. It’s 10 times the price, becuase  it’s the newest model. SO if you want to make money, fixing phones or find yourself a cheaper upgrade, get last year’s model, otherwise you’ll always be paying a premium for the newest model parts with with the new charge port.

In it’s time. FOr the taptic engine and speaker to be fastened into place, it’s always a miracle when yuo get all these different screws back into their right places. With that it’s time the logic board was put back in remembering to attach the rear panel flex cable. Before installing the logic board and attaching the cables on top with the logic board secured, the ge piece can be reinstalled before we get too work on installing the battery it needs some new adhesive applied before it it can go back in this iphone 15.

Pro max is realy starting to  take shape before the new display adhesive can be attached. I first first need to remove all the old adhesive around the perimeter of of the frame. Unlike  the rear panel, I was able to source a precut adhesive, which goes on easier than the liquid adhesive.

We used on the back, I’m not sure why precut adhesive is available for the front, but not the back. I guess in time it will eventually become available with the adhesive installed it’s time to prep the new display for installation, we’ll need to transfer the proximity sensor, cable across from the old display. I believe this cable also houses an nfc antenna.

It can be loosened with the aid of some alcohol with it removed. We simply need to reinstall it on the new display. It’s now come time to attach our display panel to our iphone 15 pro max with its two cables attached. THe THe battery can be plugged back in, and the cing and its several screws can be reinstalled after, after which the plastic protective film from the adhesive can be removed before the display assembly is closed down and secured against the frame of the iphone 15.

Now all that’s left to do is install the sim card tray the two pentalobe screws on teh bottom of the device nad remove the plastic protective film from our new display and were  done so this is it an iphone 15 15 pro max 512 12 gig that was Destroyed on a motorcycle at 110 km an hour is now restored back into functional condition. The total cost of this phone worked out at $ 1300 australian do or around $ 850 us most of this cost coming from the new display in the time. IT’s taken me to order the parts and complete the repair.

It can already be found cheaper. As I said earlier, parts for the latest model start out very expensive, but drop quite quickly, but in the end we still ended up $ 1250 cheap, cheaper than purchasing one brand new from the australian apple store, getting it for a price of an iphone 14. But it comes wtih the usual apple antireplay  message: loss of true tone, color shift and auto brightness, as I’ve previously explained in my iphone 15 pro tear down and repair assessment, video other than the deliberate software restrictions.

This is a fully working iphone taht includes face id wireless charging and call functions good welcome to voicemail, and on that note this has been a hugh jeffy’s video. IF you like, what yuo saw, consider subscribing and check out the phone restoration playlist for more videos, just like this one and if youre looking for any used devices, be sure to check out my online store link for which is down in the description. That’s all for this video and I’ll catch.

You guys next time, “

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