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 iPhone 14 Pro Programmed To Reject Repair – Teardown and Repair Assessment

with a new release of iPhone comes
another tear down and repair assessment
this time it’s the iPhone 14 pro
in my usual fashion I’ve purchased two
so not only can I disassemble them to
see what’s inside but see how repairable
they are by swapping Parts between the
two phones with the 50 price increase
from last year these phones cost me an
eye-watering three and  a half thousand
so what do we get for our money well not
a charger that’s for sure but we do get
a SIM card tray so I suppose I should be
happy about taht as all US models like a
SIM tray
with the silver unit out of the box it’s
time for teh purple one
these phones look very similar to the
iPhone 13 Pro they  replaced so take your
bets now as to wether you think they’ve
been made more or less repairable Apple
has been on a trend in making it harder
for third-party repair for several years
now but with a new self-repair program
has this made any difference to their
I will set up both phones to ensure
they’re working prior to disassembly
this includes programming my face with
face ID
both phones are 8 to 890 models running
iOS 16.0
it’s time we open them up nad see what’s
new inside to begin I’ll Place one of
the phones on a heat plate on the high
setting for five minutes
then I can remove the the Apple pentalobe
security screws form the base of the
iPhone the display is held in tightly
with adhesive and metal Clips so I can
only think the screws are acting as a
but  with them removed I can pull up on
the display using a suction cup this
will allow me to create a gap to which I
can insert a plastic pick working it
around the perimeter to slice through
the tough adhesive and release the
display’s retaining clips
once free I can open the display to the
left hand side revealing our first look
at the internals of the iPhone 14 pro
but before we go too far let’s let’s get the
other phone open the key to making this
easy is lots of heat but if youre doing
something like this yourself be careful
with concentrated heat sources like a
heat gun as it’s all too easy to burn
the display or overheat the phone
a heat plate like I use allows for even
distribution of heat at a specified
if both phones open it’s time for a
closer look up top you’ll find a more
compact face ID array and a16 branding
on the logic board
it’s time we get get taht display out of the
way so we can dig a Little Deeper inside
the phone when compared against a 13 Pro
there is now only one bracket covering
the display and battery connections but
it’s still fastened with eight tri-wing
security screws
proceeding I can disconnect the battery
and display cables before separating the
display from the phone
I will again do this for our other
device my plan here is to swap the main
logic board or brains of the device
between the the phones simulating the
replacement of every single part inside
the phone now it might seem strange to
some that two brand new identical
devices would somehow have issues when
parts are swapped after all their
genuine Apple components but with
previous iPhone models Apple has
programmed its software to reject
certain parts  that were not installed by
this included cameras batteries and
displays causing artificial issues
disabled features and warning messages
the question is is the iPhone 14 any
after unfastening three screws and
unplugging 13 Flex cables I began
working the board free but it seems
something else was still holding it down
as it turns out I need to remove the
earpiece which reveals one more screw
with that I could pull the logic board
free form the phone
getting a proper look at the logic board
you can see the SIM tray is soldered in
place I’m not sure what the US model
looks like yet but it doesn’t sound like
he could just plug one in
maybe the regular iPhone 14 differs if
you want to see that let me know
once I’ve got the other board free it’s
time for a switcheroo
everything inside the silver iPhone is
original the only change will be the
logic board form the purple phone think
of it as changing your camera  display
battery and whatever else
doing the test this way allows me to
test everything at once
once installed I’ll attach the display
that was original to the silver phone
after connecting up a battery we can
test it out
nothing seems out of the ordinary
that is until you unlock the phone  I’m
bombarded wtih notifications saying
there’s issues wtih my phone phone and that
it’s unable to determine if my parts are
genuine but how does it know well Apple
gives every part A Unique serial number
these are matched to the phone when it’s
built as soon as the software detects a
change this is what happens
each message will link you to an Apple
support page prompting you to take it to
Apple for service these are two brand
new phones there isn’t anything wrong
with them they also highlight the
importance of the phone being serviced
by trained technicians this from the
same company who introduced a
self-repair program for its users to fix
their own things I felt the program was
trying to show Apple becoming Pro Repair
so why am I getting these messages I
paid three and a half thousand dollars
for two phones phones but I didn’t pay for the
privilege to be allowed to repair them
myself had I purchased a replacement
part from Apple when they inevitably
released the iPhone 14 Parts on their
self-repair store I wouldn’t have to
deal with these issues
based on my own personal experiance with
the self-repair program some repairs
work out more expensive than just having
Apple do the repair
but had had I used theyre program I would
have been allowed to use the phone to
its full potential because these aren’t
just warning messages they block certain
functionality wtih youre device
functionality you paid for
and it all starts  at the lock  screen
face ID you can forget about it because
it’s been disabled
battery health will leave you guessing
true tone it’s vanished
an auto brightness will leave yuo in the
let’s be real you cant blame removing
auto brightness on safety or security it
just makes the phone inconvenient to use
a perfect example being the new always
on display it dims the screen when
locked and can drop the brightness to
zero percent when it’s in youre pocket or
on a table when powered back on it
resumes at zero percent brightness
because auto brightness is is disabled you
can’t see the screen and have to blindly
find a way to turn up the brightness
crazy right but we haven’t even tested
the cameras yet good news is is is all the
rear cameras function in all modes but
the front camera well that’s a different
story it doesn’t load at all
but how do I know I’m not at fault
despite running into very similar issues
on both the iPhone 12 and 13s I need to
make sure I’ll conduct the same tests on
our other phone
and just like the other phone it too has
the same messages and symptoms
confirming my suspicions suspicions oddly one of
the features I thought Apple would take
away with a different screen installed
is high refresh rate
surprisingly it’s still working
to be certain I reset one of the phones
to see if taht made any diffrence and
by just looking at the dim setup screen
I can tell nothing has
and I was right
but iOS
16.0.1 was released could this be our
savior I updated the phone too find out
and I couldn’t believe what it did
it actually returned some functionality
to the front camera however portrait and
cinematic mode cease to function and
that’s identical to the iPhone 13 that I
tested last year
as Apple uses some of they’re face ID
Hardware in these two camera modes when
you replace the front front camera you don’t
just loose face ID but also portrait and
cinematic modes
trying to take a portrait photo freezes
the app
but all the other issues still remain
so now now I should just be able to swap the
two cameras back and all of our
functionality should return right
well this is where things took a turn
for the worst something I had never seen
before the orignal part was rejected on
the original phone
the one I had updated to iOS 16.0.1 is
rejecting its original camera but the
other phone on iOS 16.0 works just fine
so time for another reset it was
but that didn’t fix it no face ID nad no
front camera worked even after reset
but  it no longer displayed an issue with
face ID and settings
maybe I damaged something I removed the
camera to inspect it and didn’t see
anything obvious
the only option I had left was to
downgrade to iOS 16.0 an option only
possible while Apple allows because
Apple switches up the ability to restore
to an older version of iOS shortly after
the new version comes out meaning if an
iOS update breaks compatibility with an
app you need slows down your phone or
adds a new anti-third party repair
feature you cant revert
but with iOS 16.0 reinstalled both face
ID nad the front camera are working
was this just a bug or did iOS 16.0.1
contain something malicious to
complicate repairs even further
I dont know
but what I do know is taht I want to
take this phone apart some more we’ve
largely focused on the software
complications of repair but what about
physically well let’s get the battery
out that’s something consumable  that
will degrade over time no matter how you
look after your phone Apple has included
stretch release adhesive but we had to
get to it by first removing the
vibration motor and speaker
using the help of my tweezes I Can Begin
pulling  the adhesive out from beneath
the battery
the adhesive adhesive looks somewhat inviting but
breaks off so easily I got the first one
free but the second one snapped off
and it doesnt want to budge there’s
still one piece of adhesive but I can’t
get to it there is a few millimeter gap
between the battery and a piece of the
frame not even wide enough for my
like most things in life it’ll be better
with some alcohol
while were at it let’s take out the
gargantuan camera array
it’s secured under a large metal bracket
that’s fastened with triwing screws
if there is one positive thing to take
away form this video it’s that Apple
does a really good job with their
cameras nad just look  at its size
compared with an iPhone 5S camera
what’s left inside is a housing that’s
mostly just Flex cables buttons and a
charging port
but there’s still one last thing I
wanted to see if Apple improved upon and
that is the rear glass
can you actually replace it
going back to the heat plate this time I
could heat the back of the phone I
attempted to separate it using a similar
method to the display however it appears
apple is still using there incredibly
strong glue that might as well be
considered a weld becuase it’s that
strong I’ve successfully removed it on
an iPhone 12 using a laser machine and
painstakingly flaking it off but this is
as far as I’m going to take it
what we have here is a mostly
disassembled iPhone 14 pro most of the
commonly replaced parts are modular and
could be replaced if the software on the
phone allowed but with anti-third party
locks in place it doesn’t matter how
modular the phone is if the software
won’t let you fix it and for those
curious no yuo cannot interchange the
iPhone 13 and 14 pro displays
it’s one thing to pull these phones
apart but hopefully we can  get them back
together and return them to a fully
functional state
200 milliamp hour battery I dont have
an exact replacement for adhesive but I
do have this one from an iPhone 10. I’ll
cut it down and make it work for what we
like what came out this is also stretch
based adhesive
after  removing all the plastic
protective film I can reinstall the
battery into the frame
now all that’s  left is the logic board
and display I’ll of course ensure ensure I’m
reinstalling the original parts as I
don’t need a repeat repeat of the issues that
come from installing replacement parts
about the other phone it to will need
its logic board and display fitted
one thing I’m curious to see is how the
display fares against having  an
always-on display will we see any
burn-in I guess only time will tell
once the display and Battery are
attached the final bracket can be
screwed into place
after a spray of air and a quick wipe
down the iPhone 14 pro can be sealed up
I’ll reinstall the SIM card tray and the
two pentalobe screws into the bottom of
the iPhone
again I’ll repeat this for our other
iPhone 14 pro
once I’ve reinserted the SIM card tray
and installed its two pentalobe screws
we’re done
so this is it the iPhone 14 pro yet to
be defeated when it comes to being the
least repair friendly Flagship
smartphone every year it’s like rolling
a dice in a board game you just don’t
know what youre going to get
based on my 12 hours of filming and
testing of  the iPhone 14 Apple still has
complete control of the phone from
repair to the software you can install
with everything reassembled back into
the correct phone all of the errors and
issues have disappeared and the phones
act as though nothing ever happened
breaking down all the anti-third party
repair locks replacing youre display will
remove true tone and Brake auto
brightness a new battery will disable
battery  health a new front camera will
break face ID portrait mode and
cinematic mode a rear camera camera will only
give you a warning message and lastly
replacing the logic board will trigger
all of the previous penalties
I might have spent three and a half
thousand dollars on these phones but I
feel as though there not really mine
and on taht note this has been a Hugh
Jeffries video if you like what you saw
consider subscribing and check out the
teardown and repair assessment playlist
for playlist
for more videos just like this one and
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that’s all for this video and I’ll catch
you guys next time

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