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 Basic Phone Repair Principles

hi everybody my name is Carissa Bowden
and today I will be teaching you basic
phone repair principles so phones are
really big part of our society these
days and I think it’s a good skill to
know how to fix them let’s get started
the first step when solving a problem or
fixing the phone that you don’t really
understand is to research it Google or
YouTube has some great DIY videos for
phone repair but for this video services
I’m going to walk you through how to
take apart of phone and then be able to
identify and recognize different parts
or connections that might potentially
need repair before taking the phone
apart try fully charging it and doing a
reset as this is can sometimes fix the
problem once this is done let’s gets
taking this phone apart this applies the
lead are a phone
a one point five millimeter Philips
screwdriver a magnet tape or tray to
hold the screws and a pic have one needs
that work to help separate the layers
I’m using an LG phone for today’s video
as it is easier and needs less specialty
screwdrivers and tools to take apart
also my Apple phone that I repaired is
currently videoing so on the back you’ll
be able to see a little notch and you
can use this and pry it apart let’s take
off the backing and then you should be
able to see 12 screws that need to be
undone you just go and you unscrew
once the screws are removed we can flip
over to the front screen facing up and
then take our fingers and work on pry
off the top this is when the pict comes
in helpful
turning on soon we’ll be removing the
battery pull off these sides
we remove the battery
then you can look
what the phone inside looks like
when looking for repairs we can look and
see that this is where it was laying
with a camera and it’s corresponding
chord attachment so right here this
right here you can see the front
this is the front side camera and it’s
again corresponding chord you can then
also see where the battery attaches
power for the speaker’s speaker actually
is more along here and in this part
you can see here is where the screen
attaches and if you wanted to do a
screen of hair you’d flip this off and
separate this blue and metallic layer
from the screen of the lg phone and then
re attach it also for looking for screen
and pair for other common phone issues
you can look for bumped or slightly
jarred connections maybe torn or twisted
cords or other things you can have
gently on these to reaffirm their
connection and if once you put it back
together and that doesn’t work then you
know that part may need to be replaced
so now we’re completing it back together
so when reattach in the back you can
grab the screen and then the backing we
just took off and then you should always
place the bottom the one with the logo
and first as again it’s the most
difficult part to get on and off and
just press it in gently squeezing
reattaching snapping it back in
this side
and it’s reattached flip it back over
and we work again putting in those
screws once all the screws are in place
we can just retake the backing in place
and now turn it on
and you can see it’s turning on and it’s
good to go you can test it say if the
speaker or camera were wrong or if they
were broken and you can then make sure
that they’re working and know you’re
good I hope you’ll be able to take maybe
some of these principles and know that
you can do it girl you can take apart a
phone fix it and solve any problem
before you see yeah

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